Beginners’ Guide To Buying a Drone


Beginners’ Guide To Buying a Drone

For some time now, drone manufacturers have been making a buck. Drones are getting smarter, expensive and more popular. Everybody, from the old to the young, wants to own a drone. Now, you have decided to buy a drone so you can know what everyone is raving about. But, where do you start from?

There are lots of drones available for sale today. You have the cheap and the expensive ones. As someone who just wants to buy a drone, you might not know whether to buy a cheap or an expensive one. Of course, it should be based on your pocket. But the cheaper ones could be more durable than the expensive ones. We understand that you have many questions about what to look out for when buying a drone. That’s why we have created this fantastic guide for you to follow. Here are some important things you should note before you take that step to owning a drone:

Know the Types of Drones

As we have said earlier, there are many different drones available.  Some companies that manufacture drones for sale are DJI, Hubsan, Parrot, to mention a few. These companies have different models of drones. They have the low-end drone and the high-end drone. They also have micro drones. There are drones with cameras and some without cameras. The essence of knowing the types of drones is to enable you to make an informed choice. And to make room for comparison between the products the companies have for sale. If you don’t like the drones from one company, you can simply do your research and choose from another drone manufacture. All in all, the options you have are limitless.

Know the Specifications

It is essential you also know the specifications of every drone before making a choice. Some drones can fly for up to thirty minutes while others cannot fly for up to ten minutes. The camera quality of each drone also differs. You need to figure out the use you’ll put the drone to. If you want to be shooting features, look out for camera quality, direct recording function, GPS stabilization and range. These features are all to ensure you get the best. However, if videography is the least of your concern, we suggest you should be more concerned about the flight and charge time.

Look Out for Extra Features

Many people skip the extra features a drone has when making their decision. Looking out for the additional features can help a lot. For instance, some drones have a “follow me” extra feature. The feature allows your drone to fly if you’re on your bike or sailing. All you have to do is pay some extra cash which might be worth it in the end. Some companies offer extra features. All you have to do is look out for them when doing your research.  The most popular drones so far in the year 2017 are the DJI Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro and Pro Plus+.  These drones by far are the best drones on the market and are going to be the easiest drones to learn to fly.

Know About Drone Financing

Drone financing is taking a loan to pay for your drone. And then you pay the loan back to the financing company in installments. Knowing about drone financing can help you choose better. If you don’t have enough money for the drone of your dreams, drone financing will come to your rescue. Some companies involved in drone financing are Space City Drones, DroneNerds, and of course, us - Drones Etc.

In a Nut Shell

Buying a drone is not as simple as you think. You can’t just choose one and order it. There are many things to look out for so that you will be satisfied. Once you know what to watch out for, choosing a drone becomes easier. This guide is designed to teach you exactly what you should focus on. Happy purchase!

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