10 Tips for Buying a Drone


10 Tips for Buying a Drone

Drones are one of the amazing technologies created to make tasks easier. With their wide range of uses, they have proven to carry out tasks effectively and efficiently. Different companies have testified to the effectiveness of drones and how these drones have made their job easier. When getting a drone, there are various tips to consider. Or are there questions going through your mind about the right drone that suits your need? To save you the trauma of endless questions, here are 10 tips to consider when buying a drone:

  1. Learn how to run a drone: Whether you want to buy or build your drone, it is advisable to learn how to use one. Learning how to use a drone is quite easy and there are various institutes who specialize on this. Click here to learn more about how to fly a drone.
  2. Reasons for a drone: You need to set your priorities right by pointing out what you need a drone for. Pointing out your reasons for a drone helps in choosing the right drone that suits your need.
  3. Consider the features of a drone: Before buying a drone, it is important you read the product description of the device. The features of a particular drone model help you find what you need. 

RTF (Ready to Fly): Drones that have RTF written on tem don’t need setup and you need to charge the battery and set the propellers.

 BNF (Bind to Fly): These drones have already been setup or assembled and they don’t come with controllers. It is advisable to have a spare controller before buying a BNF drone.

ARF (Almost Ready to Fly): These kinds of drones are partly assembled and they have no transmitter. 

  1. Your budget: Your budget is important when considering getting a drone. It should also be noted that cheap drones are difficult to run, while expensive drones are easier to run due to propellers and sensors installed in the drones.
  2. Find the right drone dealer: Buying from the right dealer helps you get the worth of your money. There are various dealers who specialize in various kinds of drones. MyFirstDrone outlines various top companies and websites that sell drones. DJI and Drones Etc. is a popular company that deals in drones; they are known to sell quality drones. 
  3. Search for top drones at affordable prices: When buying a drone, you can research on companies that offer top-notch drones at affordable prices. The likes of HobbyKing, Amazon, Helipal, getfpv and the rest are also companies to get drones. TechAdvisor details the best quadcopter for the year 2016.
  4. Learn the basics: Learning the basics in drone operation, drone setup and assembly is important. It enables you have an idea on how to change some features on your drone.
  5. Buy drones with quality battery and spares: It is advisable to buy a drone with quality features like battery, camera, FPV. It is also important to get spares like controllers for your drone.
  6. Easy to use or run: When getting a drone, mode of operation needs to be considered. You don’t want to get a drone you cannot use. 
  7. Know the Rules and Regulations: Knowing the rules and regulations guiding drones are important. According to the UK Dronecode, drones need to be kept on sight and not close to any aircrafts. 

It is inappropriate to run drones indoor because this might cause damages. Parks are suitable for running drones and make sure that your drones are properly insured.

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