Charging your New Phantom 2 Vision Battery


Just a quick note to the new Vision owners out there who may have a question or two about charging their battery. If you are familiar with LiPo batteries (including the original Phantom battery and charger) then you will notice that the Vision's charger seems to be lacking certain features that you may expect such as a separate balance lead and the ability to select amperage. All of these functions are built into the Vision charger and it is optimized for best performance. Basically all of this translates into the fact that you just need to open the small door that covers the leads on the charger and connect your Vision battery. From a full discharged battery you can expect a charge time of approximately 2 hrs. You can keep track of the progress of the charge by looking at the flashing green LED's on the front of the actual battery. These lights will show where the charge is at in increments of 25%. 1 light = 25%, 2 lights = 50%, etc. etc.


That's it! Really couldn't be easier. No need to worry about amps and capacities and all of the other particulars when it comes to LiPo's.

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  • Jonathan B
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