Still Unconvinced? Home buyers and Realtors, Check Out the View From the Drone

December 23, 2013

Another case of realtors taking advantage of this new tech...

"...Controlled remotely by a hand-held console, it took off from the driveway with a loud mechanical whine and hovered around 20 feet in the air to record video of the house against a wintry landscape of snow-flecked trees. Its handler later launched it inside, where it whirred past a chandelier and framed oil paintings before soaring up to the 30-foot ceiling for a panoramic view.

Within days, the footage shot by the drone was being edited into a slick video for Halstead Property’s website, where the drone-aided video of another offering — a  $7.6 million beach house on Brush Island Road in Darien, Conn. — has been viewed more than 500,000 times..."

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