How-To Guide for Upgrading Firmware on your Phantom 2 Vision (or other Phantom models)

January 04, 2014 8 Comments

The following link will take you to the DJI downloads page where you can find video tutorials & operation manuals as well as the latest PC software which will automatically download & install the latest firmware onto your Vision and your TX/controller:


1) Download & Install the DJI Driver to your PC.

2) Download & Install DJI Phantom 2 Assistant to your PC.

3) Download & Install DJI RC Assistant to your PC.

4) Register on DJI's website so both Assistant programs can automatically access DJI's servers to download latest firmware.

*If you have a Mac you do not need to download the DJI Driver. Simplt download the Mac version of the Assistant software and continue to step 5.

5) Use the USB cable included and connect it to your Vision. Power-Up.

6) Launch Phantom 2 Vision Assistant.

7) Login to DJI (enables downloads).

8) Follow instructions & upgrade all firmware indicated. (You can check the different screens, but your PV should already be setup & ready-to-fly - you can always come back if you need to recalibrate or tweak anything.)

9) When complete, Power-Down Vision & disconnect USB cable.

10) If you have one of the first PV TX/controllers (ie you bought your Vision in Oct/Nov), you may need to update it by opening it to access the microUSB port located on one of the PC boards inside. As you open, slide one-half of the case out from the antenna, don't try to remove the antenna ring. Once separated the antenna & plastic ring can be removed together. If you'd rather not separate the cases & antenna, you can spread the two halves & slide the microUSB cable in between and plug it into the PC board (see photo).

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12) Launch RC Assistant, follow instructions & upgrade firmware. If the initial attempt seems to fail, wait 60secs, Power-Off the TX, Power-On again (there will be no Power LED) then press the Upgrade button again (irregardless whatever the screen says). It should resume upgrading and instruct you to power-cycle after which it will read the correct version.

13) Power-Off TX/Controller & disconnect USB, carefully reassemble w/4-screws.

14) Follow Quick-Start Guide instructions or full Operation Manual and enjoy your first flight!

Thank you to the contributors at for this great guide. For the original step-by-step guide and more useful tips, check out the forum at

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alfredo alberola
alfredo alberola

May 31, 2016

i know this post is very old but i list my desktop software for the phantom vision for my mac, and i need. Would it be possible to get it through you.
Thank you so much


September 06, 2015

My PV+ fails to update when connected to PC. It beeps all the time and fails to update. Tells me to recycle again and again. reinstalled all the apps and still no use. HELP!

andrew abraham
andrew abraham

August 02, 2015

hello, i bought a phantom 2 left dial, with h43d zenmuse gimbal on it, i am having a problem on my gimbal . the gimbal cant tilt on its fullest .i know that i have to adjust it thru dji assistant software but I am having a problem connecting my phantom 2 to the software. " controller error" what should i do? pls help


June 29, 2014

Jonathan, sounds like you need to recalibrate your controller from within the RC Assistant program.


June 25, 2014

Nice post! With your description I finally realized there was a second program to run after playing around with cables and resetting the computer for hours. Thx again!


June 06, 2014

Ok just ordered my phantom 2…I thought I bout the vision + but apparently it’s just the Phantom 2…I am pretty upset. Can I still upgrade the phantom 2 so that I can use the cool app to track it’s GPS and see what the phantom sees? Please help!!!


May 25, 2014

I just got the Phantom 2 w/ H3-3D gimbal. I flew it a couple times and noticed that a firmware update was available. I followed the instructions and now I’m having a number of issues that are keeping me to flying my quad at all. All the remote controller/TX stick functions are whacky. The gimbal is clicking on initialization. And, the x-input/gimbal tilt response is very spastic. Is anyone else having these same issues? I’ve tried power cycling a number of times, tried updating over and over again and re-testing. Any help would be appreciated.

Scott Clark
Scott Clark

April 13, 2014

Finally, an explanation why I have been unable to connect the firm ware to my remote control. Great job! In the mean time my quad is off to DJI for repair as it could not be resolved over the phone with my retailer, Hobby Town. Many thanks to Hobby Town for spending over an hour with me attempting to resolve the issue.

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