Is the Dam Beginning to Burst?

March 11, 2014

The FAA has been doing its best at playing the self-styled Dutch boy with his finger in the dam to save us all from what they see as a society overrun with unregulated commercial drones. Either that or they are just trying to figure out the best way to cash in on this new industry and score some more tax money for Uncle Sam. Call me a conspiracy nut but I'd bet it was the latter.

Well, with a recent landmark ruling by  federal administrative law judge Patrick Geraghty the FAA finds itself directly in front of a rather large dam that looks as if it's ready to burst. According to the latest ruling, if he accepted the FAA’s argument for regulating drones, “a flight in the air of a paper airplane or a toy balsa wood glider could subject the operator” to FAA penalties.

It didn't take long for companies like to get right back out there and re start their testing program to deliver flowers via drone. And they aren't alone. From, Amazon deliveries to Tacos. deliveries as well as film, TV, real estate, law enforcement, OSHA, GE, roofers, ranchers, photographers, and on and on and on; they are all waiting to be given the 'Go' from the FAA. Only now, according to this federal judge, it's not up to the FAA in the first place.

Of course, this one ruling isn't going to be the end of the argument pro or con when it comes to drones and their use commercially or even privately for that matter. One thing, however, is certain, drone use in our everyday lives is inevitable.


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