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Here's a quick 'word of warning' about your new Vision+. First of all, let me say on behalf of all here at Drones etc. that we LOVE the new Vision+. The new 3 axis camera and gimbal are amazing and the improved wifi range is icing on the cake!


HOWEVER, we wanted to pass a painful lesson on for everyone else's benefit. We recently took our demo Vision+ on a little trip. Of course, it was well protected inside our Omega Pelican Hard Case. We have traveled before with other drone models and have had no issues checking the hard case as luggage. Upon returning from our trip we opened the case to find that the camera had broken off of the gimbal! How could this have happened? The answer lies in the plastic gimbal lock. During transport this properly installed gimbal lock came loose and allowed the gimbal to then move freely with all the jostling and bumping of the baggage handlers. This caused enough force to break the gimbal! 

After disassembly by our repair tech he quickly saw that the small metal gimbal motor post had actually sheared off! 

So anytime you pack your Vision Plus away it would be wise to additionally secure the plastic gimbal lock via any means. It doesn't have to be much. Just something to keep it from coming off. We stick a small piece of foam against the gimbal after it's in place in the hard case. 


Safe flying!

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  • Jonathan B
Comments 4
  • Shawn

    Repair parts are just now being made available to dealers. You should see them for sale very shortly.

  • Yancy

    Happend to me, where did you get the repair parts from? Looking and can’t find anywhere.

  • Shawn

    It’s not the only one but the other things are related to a defective gimbal/camera out of the box and DJI is good about getting those DOA units replaced rather quickly.

  • Denver Rhodes
    Denver Rhodes

    Is that the only problem your are seeing. what about the changes at DJI?

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