Phantom 2 Vision and Vision + Ground Station Follow-Up


This is a follow-up to the previous post about the Ground Station functionality that has FINALLY been activated for the Vision and Vision +.


We have been talking about this functionality since last winter and we are excited to see that it is available and functional.


The Phantom has a lot of advanced electronics packed into a relatively small package and this latest update adds a new dimension to the Phantom’s capabilities. Completely autonomous flight! Now included as part of the free iOS or Android Vision app is the Ground Station software which allows pilots to program up to 16 waypoints onto a map as a ‘flight path’ that the Phantom will then follow. It is possible to program altitude and speed for each waypoint as well as time on station. Once the waypoints are set, just hit ‘Go’ and the Phantom takes off automatically and carries out it’s preprogrammed mission.


As it stands currently, there are some built in limitations to the Phantom’s flight capabilities. You can only fly approx.. 3 miles around your home location at a max altitude of approx.. 650 feet. The actual distance from your controller cannot exceed 1640 feet.  This is a bit of a bummer since the original Bluetooth ground station app has no such limitations. But we aren’t complaining. It’s a FREE upgrade and even with the limitations it’s a lot of fun to play with, so give it a try! The update is available for free from the App store or Google Play. Note that it also requires users to download the latest flight control firmware from


A video from DJI showcasing the functionality of this update is below:


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