Top 7 Drone Scenes from Movies & TV


Though we specialize in recreational drones that are perfect for filmmaking and photography, the majority of Hollywood productions that have incorporated the use of drones have typically portrayed them from the military perspective. These high-powered machines have been included in a handful of pretty intense scenes in some excellent films from the past 10 years. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our Top 7 Drone Scenes from Movies and TV:


Zero Dark Thirty

Drone surveillance footage from Zero Dark Thirty

The CIA has not acknowledged that it has a drone program, but in this suspenseful film about the manhunt for Osama bin Ladin, we get a glimpse into what they CIA may be up to with using surveillance from military drones. According to the film, these drones played a pretty big part in strategizing the attack on bin Laden’s compound.


Eagle Eye

This action thriller definitely succeeded in creating paranoia for its audience, and a big part of that was this intense scene in which a military drone is hunting our protagonist, even to the point of following him inside of a tunnel! Pretty frightening. Check it out.


This Means War

In this action comedy, we have two of the CIA’s best spies going head to head to win over the heart of a girl. These two are best friends, but their friendship will get put to the test as they use all of their spy gadgets to outdo one another, including drone surveillance. Check out the trailer and see Tom Hardy’s character shoot down the drone on his tail. 



Mark Wahlberg in Shooter

This 2007 action thriller really helped solidify Mark Wahlberg as a bona fide action star. The opening sequence involves Wahlberg’s character as sniper who is involved in a failed mission overseas. In this scene, a drone is used to help provide surveillance for our doomed heroes.


24: Live Another Day

Drone attack on 24: Live Another Day

24’s Jack Bauer is arguably the most popular action hero on network television. Over the course of 9 seasons, Bauer has fought numerous enemies, but in the most recent season titled 24: Live Another Day, Jack must fight against multiple U.S. drones that have been hijacked by a terrorist. The drones are used throughout the entire season, but there is one particularly intense sequence where Jack must make his way through London without getting blown to bits by one of the hijacked drones.


The Bourne Legacy

Though this 4th entry in the Bourne franchise was not as well received by audiences and critics as were the original trilogy, there is no denying that this drone scene was one of the more intense parts of the film. Jeremy Renner’s character, Aaron Cross, has just survived an unexpected drone attack at a secluded cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. Now he must take out the drone while making his superiors think that he is dead. Not an easy task, but makes for some fine entertainment. Watch below:


Mission: Impossible III

We’ve saved the best for last. Superspy Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has had his fair share of adventures over the course of four films. Some have been more exciting than others, but it’s hard to deny that the drone attack scene from the third film is one of the best action sequences in the entire franchise. After capturing a high profile target, Ethan, his team, and a full military escort get attacked by an unknown drone while on a bridge. It’s action entertainment at its best. See for yourself:


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