Top 10 Drone Created Videos of Nature


Drones have the ability to capture unique perspectives from their intimate flight capacities, making them incredibly popular among photography and videography enthusiasts. The following are 10 phenomenal videos captured with the help of a drone that give us a perspective not previously available by other methods:

Ice Caves of Alaska

Tour Alaska’s Ice Caves through the eyes of a drone:

A number of natural ice caves have been formed within the snowy lands of Alaska, and many tourists are lucky enough to take a guided tour through some of the caverns, trails, and tunnels of the glacier ice. But for those of us who are not quite as fortunate, a video like the one taken with this drone is an unbelievable sight.


Surfers at Jaws Maui, Peahi, Hawaii 2014

In this video, JulesJordantv used the Phantom Drone Quadcopter to harness a GoPro Hero 3+. With this setup, amazing footage of massive 40 foot waves tossing through Maui’s oceans are caught on aerial video. Surfers attempt to ride these colossal waves: some successful, some being shoved below the salty waters, boards and all.

In this ocean space nicknamed Jaws, these super-massive waves are created by winter storm swells that travel over a barrier reef. Many people are familiar with the famous North Shore in Hawaii where tow-in surfers take on extravagant waves during the numerous surf contests held off the shores of Oahu, but the lesser known Jaws is right up there with North Shore in the size of the waves it can produce.

At Jaws, the waves are large enough and moving fast enough that the only way to surf them is via tow-in.

Jaws was actually originally surfed by windsurfers, but the conditions were very different at that time. Once conditions in this area changed to the more intimidating nature that is Jaws now, the only way to get into the waves was to be towed in. No one could take on the speed of these waves by simply paddling.

  • It was Laird Hamilton, Darrick Doerner, Buzzy Kerbox, Brett lickle, Mark Angulo, and Dave Kalama that first discovered a way to use personal watercrafts to take them into these large waves. This has since opened up a new world of big wave surfing.
  • Jaws is home to some of the largest waves ever surfed. Each year there is a competition for the largest surf break ridden, Jaws is a frequent winner.
  • Jaws is home to the yearly Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Contest, a common time for that largest surf break competition.
  • Jaws is unique in that there are only a few days of the year and times of day during which the surf is usable by professional surfers. However, during that perfect set up, the waves can reach 70 feet and travel up to 30 miles per hour.


Surfers at Banzai Pipeline Hawaii

For these shots, Eric Sterman took a GoPro camera and attached it to the DJI Quadcopter, then flew it out over the waves of Oahu, Hawaii, in a place surfers now call the Banzai Pipeline.

The Banzai Pipeline is home to one of the 10 deadliest waves. This area creates waves 30 feet tall over jagged coral reefs below. It is an area that is predominantly only for pro-surfers to take on. Each year Banzai Pipeline is home to the famous competition, the Vans Triple Crown, as well as the Pipeline Masters Surf Contest.

Unlike Jaws, the Banzai Pipeline has ways in which you can paddle out to ride the surf; however, these are pro-surfers that take on these waves and they have to be in excellent shape to do so. It is definitely not an easy and leisurely paddle out to the mammoth walls of water.


Surfers Near the Mentawai Islands

These fantastic shots of surfers enjoying the waves on the Mentawai Islands was shot by Евгений Златанов with the help of a drone. Check out the amazing footage:

When people talk about surfing their first thoughts lead to Hawaii and the numerous places there that are known for their large waves or amazing surf. But this video captures amazing footage of surfers playing in the waves at the Mentawai Islands.

The Mentawai Islands are located off the coast of Indonesia and are a surfer’s paradise. There is no surfing season here because the waves are amazing year round. The water is warm, clear, has great barrels, and a small crowd. This combination is the reason it is the perfect surfer’s playground.

One of the great things about the waves around the Mentawai Islands is that they have a lot to offer: from large adrenaline-inducing waves for the expert to small calmer waves for the beginner. Because of the bird’s-eye view offered by the use of a drone, we can see surfers literally playing among the waves, while others paddle out and wait for the perfect catch.


Rarely Visited Area of Arizona's Vermilion Cliffs

With the help of a drone, Tristan Greszko was able to capture amazing footage of the Vermilion Cliffs. He used a small quadcopter and rigged it with a GoPro.

These cliffs are located right next door to another marvel, the Grand Canyon; unlike the Grand Canyon, the Vermilion Cliffs are rarely visited. You’ll notice in the video, there isn’t a single person among the rocks. This area is blistering hot and contains unpredictable critters like rattlesnakes and scorpions, not to mention the fact that only 20 people are allowed to be on each trail on any given day. So even for those who don’t mind taking on the heat, snakes, and poisonous bugs, taking on the trails of the Vermillion Cliffs is a hard chance to acquire.


Stampeding Dolphins

Captain Dave Anderson captures a spectacular viewpoint of stampeding dolphins using a drone and a GoPro Hero3.

In Dana Point, California, during the month of March a mega-pod of dolphins was seen moving at great speed and with what seemed to be purposeful intent. It is still a mystery as to why these dolphins all got together and traveled the way that they did, but a few hypotheses have been thrown around.

Dolphins are fairly social animals and tend to travel in smaller pods which occasionally come together with other pods, but never before has a mega-pod this large been spotted. It appears the number of dolphins was around 1,000, the mega-pod being 7 miles long and 5 miles wide.

The kind of footage this drone was able to allow Captain Dave Anderson to produce is phenomenal and has been viewed by thousands.



Using the DJ Phantom, here are some incredible views of Iceland.

Iceland is not a place that experiences a large amount of tourism. In the last year, there were 687,000 tourists, which seems like a decent number until you compare it to the 8 million that visited Hawaii in that time.

For those who have seen the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, many of those scenes were shot on location in Iceland. Many people have gawked at the beauty that is shown through this movie, but never actually realized that it was Iceland that had produced such exquisite landscapes.

It is through the efforts of movies like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and the use of drone technology, that people are able to translate the phenomenon that is Iceland. The country’s gorgeous waterfalls, geysers, and rivers take on the meaning of nature in a whole new way, describing through the eyes of each lucky viewer that life can exist even under the ice.


Yasur Volcano

This DJ Phantom drone was flown into a volcano on the island of Tanna, and the captured footage is unreal.

Tanna is one of the most fertile islands of Vanuatu. It produces kava, coffee, coconut, and copra. It has recently become an interest to tourists because of the rich culture and the Yasur volcano shown in the video.

The people of Tanna are typically Melanesian and have sustained their tribal practices for many years:

  • They typically live in tribes that are governed by an elder chief.
  • Since there is no written language, song, dance, and storytelling are essential to their daily lives.
  • Many members of the tribe will have piercings and/or tattoos that are there to help evoke even more in their story tellings and dance.
  • Grade taking ceremonies are performed which include the ritual killing of a number of pigs and gift giving among family members.
  • Tribal members live off the land and grow their own crops.

For peoples like the Melanesians, and for others who have ever lived near a volcano, it is reasonable to expect that these large works of earth tend to bring constant fear of an eruption that could happen at any moment. And when it does occur, having to run for their lives as searing hot lava comes pouring out of the mouth of the Earth.

Because of this fear, and the need to run from the dangerously scalding lava, it isn’t very often that we get to enjoy the majesty that comes from an eruption. With this video, we can take the time to see what happens during an eruption and enjoy its inherent beauty.


Niagra Falls

Using a DJI Phantom, this videographer is able to take us on an up close and personal tour of the natural wonder that is Niagra Falls.

Niagra Falls is a massive waterfall located on the border of the US and Canada in the state of New York. This colossal wonder spills millions of gallons of water over its edges every 60 seconds. Tourists come to view the falls for themselves and discover the wonder that comes with its views. At Niagra Falls State Park, there are a number of trails, lookout points, and decks from which people can behold the massive source of water.

When looking at the falls it is hard not to wonder what it might be like to ride the immense falls down from the top to the plundering waters below. With the help of drone video technology, we are able to get a better idea of what this majestic ride might be like.


Firework Show

Jos Stiglingh flew a DJI Phantom aerial drone into a firework show in West Palm Beach, watch it in this incredible video.

This footage gives us a view of fireworks that none of us have ever seen before. The burning embers come alive in a 3D visualization different from that of our view down on the streets. The use of a drone enables us to get excited about a fireworks show all over again.

With the use of drones, people have been able to capture unimaginable footage of things we never could have seen before with the human eye. Using a drone to capture videos from a vantage point only privy to those with wings sparks a moment of intrigue to our natural sense of curiosity and wonder. We are able to go almost anywhere we want to and see these amazing parts of the earth from a new perspective. There are a number of creative ways people have chosen to use their personal drones to take video and photography, and we are excited to see what people come up with next!


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