Mat Kearney “Heartbeat” Shot with a Drone


Mat Kearney burst onto the music scene in 2006 with his highly successful album, Nothing Left to Lose. The title track of the album helped Kearney establish himself as a rising star. Kearney has found his success by blending positive lyrics with a hybrid of soft rock and hip-hop, as is evident in songs like “In the Middle” and “Ships in the Night,” featured on his 2011 album, Young Love.

For his upcoming studio album, Just Kids, Mat wanted to do something unique and special for the music video of the album’s first single, “Heartbeat.” Fascinated by the aerial photography provided by drones, Mat decided that his video would be one single take filmed with a drone. The result is pretty amazing:


Recognize the location? Well, “Heartbeat” was shot in L.A. at the 4th Street Bridge, which has been featured in many popular films such as Grease and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. What is unique about this video, though not unheard of, is that it was shot in one single take. Ask any filmmaker who has filmed one shot that last more than two minutes and they will tell you it is incredibly hard to time, plan, and choreograph. Billboard first reported on the video with a brief interview with Kearney about how they pulled it off: “After I sang the first verse on the bridge we had to drive like bank robbers to get down to the riverbed in time for me to make the last scene.”

The video really is easier to appreciate when you think about the execution of a single take. There is a segment during the end credits of the video that shows Mat and his team try to race down to the riverbed through the bustling traffic of Los Angeles. In the end it paid off with a fun, well shot video.

Drone photography has been increasing in popularity in recent years and can provide a great way to capture some breathtaking flyovers, but that’s not all you can do with drone photography as is brilliantly demonstrated in Mat Kearney’s charming video. The real question is what will we see these drones do next?

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