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November 18, 2014 1 Comment

If you have found this article, the odds are you occasionally surf the web to revel in aerial photography. If this isn’t a habit of yours, it should be. Some of the most beautiful images created today are done with cameras lashed to flying drones. But be warned, drone photography can be addicting. If you want to start down that path check out a But be warned, as someone once told me, “only the first one is free.”  Once you see what can be done with aerial photography you will want to get your own drone. While drone photography is actually an extremely affordable way to get aerial images that used to require professional cinematic crews, cranes, and helicopters, the hobby still has some startup costs. Visit for an easy introduction.

The rest of the this article is dedicated to those who have already started aerial photography and simply want to keep abreast of the newest developments in the field. Twitter is perhaps the best resource for finding this information. Many Twitter accounts explore the newest subjects and styles of those on the cutting edge.


The Drone Times@DroneTimes

This twitter account posts multiple times per day on the newest industry innovations and news surrounding unmanned aerial flight. There are posts about drones that have shed the traditional battery, and drones used as part of the U.S. anti-terrorism campaign. This account is worthy to follow because of its timeliness and  quality of articles it links to.


Drone Girl@TheDroneGirl

The Drone Girl is similarly a good twitter account to follow but there is clearly a different approach. The news regarding drones has more of a humanistic feel. There are articles about drones used in humanitarian aid projects, a puppy wearing a GoPro camera, and  a flag carrying drone that caused a ruckus at a soccer game. This account posts about once a day in light, funny ways. @SkynamicDrone

As opposed to the other two accounts mentioned above, Skynamic does not post on the most recent drone news, but instead focuses on the art and craft of making close range aerial photography. Skynamic uses drones to create short films and commercials for big name clients like Audi, and Red Bull. They discuss the drone equipment they use and even give tips on the filming process.




The last essential twitter account to follow is GoPro. Now before you roll your eyes and think of all the ways that for-profit corporations ruin art, take a look at the twitter account. There you will find a forum dedicated to all types of photography involving the signature wide-angle lense of a GoPro. Many of the videos and photographs are taken with drones and many are not. The main objective is simply to share amazing photographs. What makes it even more cool is there are “photograph of the day” selections and routine competitions with prizes of up to $10,000. If you are an ameteur photographer the GoPro twitter account could be the easiest and most effective way to share your work with the world.



Drones For Good @D4GEvent

As the title suggests, this twitter account posts links to articles that detail the current and future uses of drones in humanitarian efforts.



The Stark Drone @TheStarkDrone

The owner of this twitter account obviously loves drones, but the account itself is not necessarily about drones. Its a whimsical collection of photography and articles that range in topics from drone pizza delivery to facial recognition software in robotics.



Hovershare @hovershare

This is an excellent source for news and information about drones. It has articles about drones in pop-culture as well as an inspiring collection of drone showreels.  



R2 Drones @R2Drones

This twitter page may not be directly applicable to the average american drone hobbyist, but it sure makes for interesting reading. R2 Drones reports on new military technology designed for the American and European markets. Much of this technology is related to UAV but many of it is not. This account simply reports on the new technology that will change the world.




Altodrone tweets regularly about drones but has a particular interest in the upcoming state and federal regulations on civilian controlled drone flight.



Drone U @DroneU

This twitter account shares the latest news an drone related milestones such as the first ever live drone broadcast on TV. It also does a good job of keeping tabs on new product lines from drone manufacturers.



Urban Drones @UrbanDrones

Another solid twitter feed for everything that relates to drones. This account won me over with its link to a hilarious video of a drone carrying the willowy costume of ghoul. The ghoul flies over innocent bystanders and scares them in a way that makes it hard not to laugh.



Atlanta Hobby @atlantahobby

This twitter feed links to news articles about drones but mostly focuses on the newest drone products. It details the newest drones and the upgrades they feature.  


So there you have it. Four places to go to satisfy your incessant thirst for drone photography. These sites will undoubtedly inspire copious creativities and the courage to take new risks. Have fun and enjoy the friendly skies.

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December 14, 2016

Nice article! I would also suggest Jordan Nelson from Nelson Aerial Productions. Most amazing work I’ve come across on the net. His is definitely inspirational for my own efforts!

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