Wedding Photography Taken to New Heights


There is a new kind of photographer you can hire for your wedding. It’s a robot that can fly into the air and take aerial shots of your big day. The sky is literally the limit in this case. Drones have become the new tech trend in wedding photography. No more are drones just used as expensive military machines; instead, they can be thought of as small flying machines that capture unique photography for your wedding. Typically, drones have been used for taking aerial shots of real estate businesses or property and in the film industry; however, drone wedding photography is becoming more popular, especially for those tech-savvy couples.

A drone can be very versatile when it comes to photography. It can capture bird’s eye views, aerials, close-ups, indoor and outdoor shots, or smooth video footage using a variety of angles and panning techniques. There are endless possibilities on camera angles that can give you exquisite wedding photographs that couldn’t be taken on the ground; however, there are a few techniques and procedures to be aware of when using a drone for your wedding. Drones cannot be your full-time photographer. It can only shoot for about 30 minutes at a time, which means there must be extensive planning for the photoshoot prior to the wedding. To make those 30 minutes the most effective, there is someone controlling the drone and another person directing the wedding party on what to do. Just make sure that your guests and wedding party are focused and are not easily distracted or constantly looking at the drone. The whole process may seem tedious and stressful, but the results are incredible. It could be worth the $400 for 30 minutes of breathtaking shots.

drone wedding picture

There are also certain regulations that need to be considered when using a drone for your wedding. Before you start shooting, it needs to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The laws around it are still up for debate, but technically guidelines say that drones need to fly below 400 feet, avoid flying over populated areas and not be used for business purposes. However, if approval is granted, your glamorous wedding will be documented in a way that will never be forgotten.


If you are able to secure FAA approval for your wedding the pictures that a drone will produce are phenomenal. Never did you think you could get aerial shots of your outdoor wedding, of you walking down the aisle, or of your beautiful wedding party. You only get married once so capturing this big day is important. Years later you can relive this memorable day from a different perspective, up high. If you are looking for good, quality drones, Drones Etc. sells ready-to-fly drones that can take amazing photographs and cinematography of your wedding.

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