Drone-Vertising: Today’s Hype? Or Here to Stay?


Drone-vertising, yes, it is what it sounds like. Using a drone to advertise your company is said to be the next big thing in the world of technology and marketing. From flying banners, to delivery systems, to filmed commercial stunts using drones are the beginning of such a movement.


In April of 2014, Gauravjit Singh launched his startup business called DroneCast. This business sells advertising space on banners that are then launched into the air and flown around high foot-traffic areas through the use of quadcopter drones. The idea came from the use of billboards and banners. But with Singh’s company, advertising becomes head-turning and more applicable; he is able to take his “billboards” and fly them around places that are marketed to the kind of people you might find there, in essence, making the advertisements more effective.

While the possibility of the FAA shutting the company DroneCast down is a large reality, Gauravjit and his team don’t seem too concerned about the idea; instead, they believe that drone-vertising is going to skyrocket in the next few years, forcing the FAA to relax their laws.

Coke Drone

Other publicity stunts have been performed through the use of drones; for instance, Coca-Cola delivered numerous care packages that included their product to workers on Singapore’s skyscrapers. It was a twist on the idea presented months preceding this stunt by a beer company that delivered packages of beers to customers via the use of a drone.


Cup of Noodle took to the skies with drones as well, but this time they were used for two different purposes: to film a commercial and to deliver Cup of Noodles to everyone everywhere.

The commercial is obviously filmed by one of the drones in the pack since the perspective is much like one bird amongst its flock flying in formation. While all the other drones set out to drop off Cup of Noodles to people on the beach, surfing, tight rope walking, and more! This type of drone-vertising used drones to make a commercial interesting enough to not only be watched multiple times, but shared among social media friends on YouTube.

The term, drone-vertising, while currently a new concept, may become a new term for Merriam-Webster. It seems the idea of using drones to advertise is gaining popularity in hopes that the FAA will take down its bans on unmanned aerial devices. What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you think drones are a good way to advertise, or do you think it is a hype that will shortly die? Will the FAA stick to their guns and keep the ban on the use of drones? Or will they flop to the commercial industry and allow drone-vertising to thrive?

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