The upcoming DJI Phantom 3


So nobody has exact details on the upcoming DJI Phantom 3 release.  But here are some details that we think are correct.  And of course "think" is the right word since the Phantom 3 still hasn't been released yet.  We have been told that there will NOT be a replacement for the DJI Phantom 2 Gimbal series.  As you probably already know this has already been beefed up with higher grade motors, props, esc's and a rechargeable lithium ion radio controller.  So that will not be replaced.  You can still either buy the H3-3D Gimbal or the H4-3D Gimbal depending on the version of GoPro that you have.  And not to deviate too much but our sponsored GoPro Athletes and the Wall Street Journal for that matter have both indicated strongly to us that GoPro is very serious about coming out with their own Drone.  We are apprehensive at this since they are not in the drone industry.  And even if they do come out with their own drone then by the time it actually hits the market DJI will probably already be on to a newer and better version (x3) of what GoPro may come out with.  But time will tell.  And I digress.

The upcoming Phantom 3 will most likely have a beefier and more expensive upgrade to the trusty DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus v3.  We still believe that there will be a healthy market for the Vision Plus however the newer DJI Phantom 3 Vision Plus will most likely have a camera that shoots in 4k to match the DJI Inspire 1.  This will most likely be much less expensive than the Inspire 1 but be more expensive than the Vision Plus.  We also believe a hybrid between the Vision Plus and the Inspire will be released that should provide an interesting array of choices for those looking at buying into the DJI Drone lineup.  So we are anxiously looking forward to the 2 new drones releasing with the Phantom 3 and the video and flying capability they will provide.  We will know more though when DJI announces the second week of April.  Stay tuned!

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  • Jonathan B
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  • superfantastic

    with regards to april, is it an event that they are having ? for the announcement.

  • Jonathan

    Superfantastic: The Phantom 2 for GoPro will not be being updated anytime soon (just the Vision Plus) so go ahead and purchase now without worrying about being outdated.

    Tom: DJI will be making an announcement on the Phantom 3.

  • Superfantastic

    i am in the market in a few weeks for a phantom2 v3, and a h4-3d.
    am i best to wait or are you thinking this model is not changing this year ?

  • Tom

    What is happening the second week of April?

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