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While there are many current and up and coming Drone and UAV companies beginning to develop their own Drones for GoPro Cameras, DJI's Phantom 2 Series still remains above and beyond the best choice for flying and controlling your GoPro.  DJI has stayed current on the recent GoPro upgrade form the GoPro Hero 3 to the GoPro 4.  The best Gimbal for the GoPro 3, if that is what you are still using is the H3-3D.  If you have recently upgraded to the GoPro 4 like me you will want to buy the H4-3D Gimbal which specializes in the new functionality and balance of the GoPro 4. This will specifically work with the GoPro 4 Black version.  

If you are new to the aerial photography world of flying your GoPro on a drone, you should look first at the DJI lineup.  You may be able to find other cheaper drones out there that will carry the drone but for the most part they have fixed connections which means that your GoPro will capture very bumpy footage as your drone takes on air turbulence.  However with the DJI Phantom 2 you will be able to install the Gimbal which basically allows for very smooth cinematic quality footage.  The difference between flying your GoPro camera with a Gimbal vs. no Gimbal is crazy huge.  One video will be bumping all over the place and the next taken with the Gimbal will be like you are standing on top of a very tall ladder and holding the camera in a fixed position.   It's really fun to watch.  

Here is a cool video from our YouTube channel showing the very first video we did with the old Phantom 1 with H2-2D Gimbal.  It's pretty cool and you can see how smooth the GoPro footage is when attached to the Gimbal.  It was taken in Heber, UT on a very windy day.  You can't even tell the wind is blowing.  It's pretty slick stuff.  

So in conclusion, when looking to buy the best drone online for your GoPro Camera we strongly recommend going with the Phantom 2 setup with Gimbal.  Email or call with questions.  

Happy flying!

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  • Jonathan B
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