Drone Use in the Insurance Industry

March 21, 2015

This is an interesting announcement:

"State Farm and Drones< http://www.dispatch. com/content/blogs/the-bottom- line/2015/03/state-farm- testing-drones.html >

State Farm is taking a look at whether drones can help process claims and respond to natural disasters.

The insurer, the No. 1 home and auto insurer in Ohio, has received Federal Aviation Administration permission to test drones and see if there are ways that unmanned aircraft can be used for things like assessing potential roof damage after a storm.

State Farm says the goal with the technology would be to help customers recover as quickly from a disaster.

The company plans to move ahead with test flights at private testing sites in the Bloomington, Ill., area where the company is based."

Author:  Clifford J. Treese

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