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The DJI Inspire 1 has come and is here to stay.  There were some issues with the Propellers coming off (due to the self braking motors) but DJI quickly fixed that with the Propeller locks that come with every Inspire 1.  

Notice:  If you purchased a DJI Inspire 1 before the propeller lock issue go ahead and contact us and we will get you squared away with some free propeller locks.  (We want to take care of all DJI customers...not just ones that purchased from Drones Etc).  

Before I get into the advantages of the DJI Inspire 1 I will touch on the disadvantages.  It's hard to go to the beach or park or mountains (wherever you live) and quickly pull out your Inspire 1 and launch it.  Not only is it bigger and therefore clunkier, but it requires more prep time due to the 4k camera (sick!) that has to be removed and put back on everytime you put it away (at least with the case that DJI sends it in).  To fix that issue we sell some sweet Go Professional Inspire 1 cases.  The travel case does not allow you to pack the Inspire 1 with the camera still on but the other does.  In addition to the increased assembly and launch time you will have to deal with the Inspire 1 being louder, bigger and therefore more intrusive.  I feel a lot more comfortable going to the Beach and discretely launching my DJI Phantom 2 Vision plus into the sky then launching the Inspire 1.  The Vision Plus can quickly become a far away blimp in the sky that nobody really notices nor cares about but the Inspire 1 takes a lot more time and distance to become a blimp that nobody cares about.  Plus it's carbon fiber black arms stand out much more.  It just appears a lot bigger and some say more menacing in the sky.  

So those 2 reason are it's disadvantage (not discussing price as I feel like it's well worth it's price).


The advantages are many!  It shoots in 4k.  Wowie.  It also streams in HD.  It's really an amazing difference seeing what you are filming in digital HD rather than the old analog FPV systems currently out there.  For those that don't what 4k means it basically means 4 times the clarity, sharpness and general HD factor over regular HD video.  That's put in laymen terms.  

It's distance is about 1.2 Miles (although we've real world tested it at distances up to 2 miles) which is sweet compared to the Phantom 2 Vision Plus.  However just yesterday I reached 2,200 fee with my version 1 Phantom 2 Vision Plus which is much higher than the 1500 max I usually get.   Now you can launch your Inspire 1 in the evening after work and really scour the far reaches of your neighborhood. Just know that your neighbors or much more likely to see it and perhaps complain so keep it high (but no higher than 400 feet ....obviously).  

You can control the camera with a second controller.  Now this is just sweet.   My partner and I were filming a professional snowboarder at Brighton Ski Resort in Utah (with their permission).  I was flying and avoiding obstacles such as tall pines, ski chair lines and a multitude of other obstacles while staying above the snowboarder.  I didn't have time to worry about getting the exact right angle with the camera.  My partner had the "slave" second Inspire 1 controller and was able to film at whatever angle he wanted while snapping pictures and shooting video.  It was sick. So for this reason alone we love the Inspire 1.  And finally the stability of the Inspire 1 is fantastic.  While filming this same footage in the high elevation Utah Mountains I was able to easily fly through wind gusts and the thin air.  Flying the Phantom in these same conditions was not quite so stable.  I had a wind gust fly my Vision Plus into the side of a mountain where it crashed softly in the fresh powder.  My Inspire 1 was not taken down at all and experience no ill effects to the wind.

In conclusion if you love to film and fly you need to get the Inspire 1.  It is so fun to fly and adds a whole new arrow in your aerial photography and filming quiver.  Keep your Phantom for the quick launches and unobtrusive flights however.  They both compliment the heck out of each other.



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