The Top 4 Drone Stores Online

March 26, 2015

Here is an unbiased look at the top 4 Drones Stores Online.  And when we say Drone we mean aerial photography consumer drone....not military payload death from above drone.

So here we go.  Top 4 Best Places to buy your Drone Online.


DronesEtc is a trusted Drone eCommerce platform.  They are one of the oldest players in the commercial drone industry explosion.  In fact the first time the owners of purchased a Drone they purchased it from DronesEtc because of their reputation for free shipping, good customer service and responsiveness.  In addition they probably have the best branding and marketing team online.  They care about their image and consequently will go out of their way to make sure that you, the customer is taken care of in purchasing and servicing your drone thereafter.  If you are in California this is one of the better Drone companies to buy from.


Amazon is the best place to buy your drone simply for one reason.  It's backed up by the A to Z guarantee.  This means that if you are shipped a new but yes faulty DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus or Inspire or any other drone for that matter you will have the Amazon A to Z claim to fall back on.  Hopefully the seller will work with you and DJI to get the drone replaced but we all know that there are a lot of sellers out there that will stonewall you.  Amazon protects you from this.  Simply create the A to Z claim with the Drone you purchased and then waalaa the Seller receives the oh so dreaded A to Z claim alert.  They will then have every incentive under the sun to take care of you as Amazon ranks their selling metrics and performance based off how they respond to A to Z claims and take care of their sellers.  Amazon will force the seller to replace your product if it is indeed faulty.  


UAVDirect has a solid ecommerce platform and is generally pretty reliable in sales and support.  Where they really shine is in keeping in touch with their past clientele.  They like to let you know of upcoming promotions and training.  And they do a lot of training.  The only problem however is that they are all mostly local in Texas.  So if you are in Texas is probably the best store to buy from.


Let's face it.  These guys rock.  When you have an intro video on your site narrated by the voice of Morgan Freeman (at least we think it's Morgan Freeman) then you are legit!  But seriously these guys are professional and are probably the best professional drone and cinema package site online.  They just received a giant amount of funding from an outside investor (we have been told to the tune of 30 Million) which means that these guys are serious about providing the best Professional Cinema packages for Aerial Film making.  They do things right and will take care of you.  You won't get the same warm and fuzzy Mom and Pop Shop feeling you'll get from Dronefly or UAVDirect but you will know you are getting a professional case that has been put together by professionals.  



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