Best Drone for Under $100

March 30, 2015

Many of our clients and many of you reading this can appreciate how upsetting it can be to buy a drone online, have it shipped to your house, unpackage it, read the instructions and then launch it on your first maiden voyage to then end up making a wrong move and crashing it in to the side of your house.  Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you!  

Last year I was out flying my now vintage Phantom 2 Vision (how fast technology changes!).  My wife came out to watch me fly and then asked if she could fly.  I was a little skeptical knowing she had never flown before but she rides a motorcycle like a pro so I thought she could pick it up.  I told her to stay away from the house and the trees as a beginner can get nervous flying their drone by large inanimate objects and in their panic fly right into the object rather than flying away. 

She nodded quickly and took off.  She flew it like a champ over the orchard behind our house and I immediately felt at ease.  As she got closer to the house I told her to slow down a bit.  She looked at me with indignation and kept coming in fast.  She braked next to the house and started descending to land.  As the Phantom 2 got closer and closer to the ground it caught a bit of wind and got very close to the house.  Well she panicked.  Instead of correcting she went right into the house and next thing we knew we were dodging flying propellers and pieces of drone!  Luckily Drones Etc has a Drone Repair Center that can fix broken drones.  Our Techs were able to fix the camera, cracked shell and a broken ESC and motor.  So the damage wasn't too bad.  Our Phantom 2 Vision was up and flying again in no time.

I relate this experience because it is an experience that we hear much too often from our aerial drone photograph customer base.  

The best solution to avoid crashes and novice error is to buy a cheap drone that flies like an expensive drone.  Our product guys are always scouring the market for new Drones that our community would be interested in.  We came across the Nano Quad Croto X.  It's one of the world's lightest drones and measures a tiny 45mm by 45mm.  It also only weighs 11.5 grams.  It's tiny.  But it's effective.  It will be a perfect way for you to get familiar with flying a small quadcopter.  You can practice your turns and banks and spins.  You can crash into things without any worries.  It also comes with some super cool features.  The 2.4 GHz controller allows you to fly multiple Croto X helis at once and also allows for interference-free flying.  It runs off of 2 AAA batteries and comes with spare rotor blades.  

This is the perfect under $100 Drone Solution that will get you prepared to fly your Quadcopter.  From personal experience you will be grateful you flew something smaller AND cheaper first so that you have the hang of flying and making in flight corrections.  

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