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3d Mapping Drones are just one of the latest advances in Drone Technology.  What used to be a very expensive and time consuming 3D mapping process has now become fairly easy and inexpensive.  By using a comparably inexpensive technology like aerial Drones an operator can use most advanced cameras such as a Canon S100 or a DJI Vision Plus camera to gather accurate data.  This data is giving mining companies, Residential and Commercial builders, farmers, land and resource managers and many many other industries the capability to make informed and accurate decisions on what actions need to be taken.

For example one of our drones can fly over a slag heap in a mine and quickly determine how many tons of slag the pile contains.  This allows for the mining operation to make the right decisions in dealing with the slag heap.  This can save countless dollars in a mining operation.  

Many of our custom drones that provide 3D mapping services use Pix4D which is a professional image processing software.  It's as easy as setting the way points of where you want your drone to shoot pictures.  You can then automate the drone to take off by itself and fly to those specific way points and take high resolution aerial pictures and then return home.  With those pictures you can stitch those pictures and geo-tag where each high resolution photo was taken.  You can then create a dynamic HD map of the area you wanted surveyed.  With this information you can gather the measurements and data that you then need to make the correct decisions.  

The past conclusion that Drones were only for aerial warfare are quickly changing.  Drones are being used for good.  Here is an article discussing how drones are changing the game of the agricultural and zoning process in Peru, more specifically taking 3D maps of Peruvian favelas.  

Uses such as 3D mapping are taking away the skepticism that most people have of Drones and giving them a new vision of what Drones can truly accomplish.  

Contact Drones Etc for any 3D mapping needs you might have.

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