Where can I get a quiet flying drone?


Where can I get a quiet flying drone?

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The last thing you want when taking a stealthy video shot is to have a loud buzzing interrupt your filming. You certainly don’t want to annoy park-going neighbors. If you are trying to go unnoticed, the drone’s propellers are the number one thing that gives away its presence. Luckily, there are drones that are fairly quiet. Some fly so quiet that you wouldn't even know they were there if you didn't see them.

What makes a drone produce noise in the first place?

There are a few things that make a drone noisy. One: the airflow from the propellers. Even when you turn on your ceiling fan on a hot day, you can hear the blades turn the air. This is especially true if your ceiling fan is old and the blades have gotten a little loose. The noise from a drone’s propellers can be reduced by increasing how smoothly the blades cut through the air. Stabilizers and skilled aerodynamic crafting of the blades will help with this. Quality propellers that are balanced are really what you need to have a quiet drone.

The second thing that makes for noisy drones is large motors. Using external motors for the rotors will greatly cut the noise factor. Another way to reduce noise is to use multiple electric motors and make them as small as possible: with smaller motors comes smaller noise. With this design, any noise the drones make will be significantly less than the natural noises around them. Some bird conservationists are already using this design to spy on birds’ nests without spooking birds into abandoning their nests.
Although not every drone will be quiet enough to spy on birds, there are some great options that won’t have you reaching for earplugs.

What are the best brands and models on the market today?

For example, the flying drones created by DJI are known for having less noise than bulkier models. Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, and Phantom 3 drones are especially great for stealthier shoots. They do have a moderate amount of noise, but they are not disruptive when you take them to the skies. Not only are the DJI drones less noisy, they also have great thrust and control as well as a number of high-quality features that create optimum flight experience.

Another option is the Pocket Drone from AirDroids, which is said to be quieter than a quadcopter, partly because it is lighter and has only three propellers to power rather than four. It is affordable at under $500 and can accomplish many of the same feats as a quadcopter. It even has an autopilot mode that allows it to follow you wherever you go, with up to 20 minutes of flight time. Although it may be less maneuverable than a quadcopter, if you are looking for a quiet camera drone to get the job done, the Pocket Drone is a perfect fit.

If you are looking to get a quiet flying drone, these are great options. Just remember that there will be a certain amount of noise with any drone, due to the typical design, that you cannot avoid.

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  • ter

    Phantoms are in no way silent. They are the nosiest drones in the market

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