What is the flying time on the DJI Inspire 1?

May 01, 2015

What is the flying time on the DJI Inspire 1?

With any camera drone, you want to get in as much flight time as possible before the battery runs out of juice. If a major film company tried to film an epic battle scene from the skies, it would certainly need more than a few minutes of flight time to make the drone’s filming capabilities worthwhile.

Some smaller, less sophisticated drones can only handle about five minutes of flying time while the most time a drone has clocked in at is about 40 minutes. The DJI Inspire 1 typically gets in about 18 minutes of charged airtime. However, the TB48 - 5700mAh extra battery will provide up to 22 minutes. But it is important to realize that several things will influence flying time—not just battery life.

The battery capacity fluctuates significantly during flight. If you push your drone to its speed limits, the battery will run out of juice much sooner than if you take your drone at a leisurely pace or let it hover (which is most efficient for drones like the DJI Inspire 1). The same effect will occur if you place a heavier load on the drone. Unfortunately, the higher the battery capacity, the more it will weigh. Just as most drones’ batteries are Lithium Polymer, the DJI Inspire 1 comes with a high-capacity 4500 mAh battery that brings the entire drone to 6.5 lbs or 2.9 kg, which makes this drone both efficient and powerful.

Generally, a drone’s flight time will depend on a few different factors including battery capabilities: wind velocity, the net weight of the load a drone is carrying, and the task of the flight.

If you sacrifice one factor for another, you will be able to optimize flight time. Or, similarly, you can increase or decrease flight time by removing or adding troublesome factors. For example, if you significantly lower the weight a drone carries, you will be able to take it out in rougher wind conditions and still maintain optimum flight time. Taking this into consideration, if you ever purchase a drone that has a camera hook-up but does not include a camera, you will want to think about attaching a more light-weight camera in order to get the most flight time out of your battery.

The DJI Inspire 1 handles these other factors with ease. It has a wind speed resistance of 10 m/s, a maximum altitude of 4500 m, and a maximum speed of 22 m/s without wind. Just don’t forget that there are other things to consider when purchasing a drone; The DJI Inspire 1 offers an advanced, lightweight design that enables you to film with 4k quality.

You are probably eager to get in the most flying time you can and, with the DJI Inspire 1, you get plenty of that. Up to 18 to 20 minutes of flight is perfect for aerial video, animal tracking, and any number of scenic shoots.

Remember that a drone’s flight time does not just depend on what you pay for; it also depends on how you use your drone.

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