Troubleshooting: Fixing your DJI Inspire 1 and Inspire Controller after an update to the firmware / software


Troubleshooting: Fixing your DJI Inspire 1 and Inspire Controller after an update to the firmware / software

Recent "Fix it" thread that led to a successful fix:



Customer Question....
"Matt, please help.  New update just announced.  Downloaded update and applied to controller, I think successfully.  Then tried to apply to drone. Audio signals from camera indicated success.  Removed sim card to look at txt file, which said “updating” (or something like that). Reinserted card into camera and powered up the Inspire.  Very strange behavior. Continues with loud beeping.  Tried another date card with the dowloaded software, same result.
As you may see, the camera is transmitting and the app says safe to fly, but not.  How do I recover the machine?
Please help.  My time is short because I am commissioned to fly while white blossoms are out, about another day or two."
Our Tech Responds......

"Erase card
Put firmware on card
Put in camera
Power up."   (SHORT AND SWEET :))

Customer Responds.....
"Tried your suggestion,reformatted card, re-added 3 upgrade files.  Initial drone reaction was same loud beeping, finally terminating and giving way to more typical softer beeping from camera,  After sone minutes beeping reverted to normal  d-dd sound as before signaling successful completion.  Turned off drone, inspected file, which indicated successful completion.  Tried whole system, bird flew normally.
Cannot begin to thank you for your timely and your accurate response,  This kind of super responsive and caring customer service is what makes companies like yours successful.
Thanks so very much for helping me
Very best"

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  • Jonathan B
Comments 7
  • jim oshea
    jim oshea

    Ican’t get a connection between my dji go app ant camera. When I start the app, it tells me the camera is not connected. What do I do. Help please

  • Bryan

    First time using Inspire 1 drone that was purchased some time ago and has been unused. Remote has green light as well as copter. Gimble seems responsive to commands but no response from remote for any flight functions. We have tried firmware update but haven’t seen any change in behavior of copter. Any suggestions?

  • STeve

    Updated my inspire dji and now I have no connection from the controller to the aircraft. Please help me.

  • ANthony uKpo
    ANthony uKpo

    Cannot get the drone to change from transport mode.

  • J. Saunders
    J. Saunders

    My Inspire 1 MC firmware update (from the Go App) was ‘interrupted’ and now I can’t connect my 2 controllers to the aircraft. What do you recommend I trays a fix?
    J. Saunders

  • Carlo

    Tried downloading the latest firmware 14.0.10 I believe and unzipping it using the microcard with adapter that came with unit. doesn’t seem to work . then tried using a thumb drive for the controller and no color blue . does DJI sell the SD card with the upgrade on it . getting a little frustrated after like five tries . please help

  • Simon Brooks
    Simon Brooks

    Same thing happened to me.

    Firmware file: Inspire 1 Firmware v1.3.0.00

    Formatted the SD card to exFAT from Mac, put the firmware back on the SD card and inserted into the Inspire camera. Loud beeping continued for a few minutes and then back to D-D-D-D, after 15 minutes or so the beeping changed to D—-D-D. I took the card out and here’s the results from the log file:

    Result: Corrupted.
    Firmware bin file is corrupted, download it again from the DJI offical website.

    == 2014.01.01 00:00:05 remo-con disconnect==
    Packet: WM610_FW_V01.03.00.00.bin
    Upgrading …

    == 2014.01.01 00:00:07 remo-con disconnect==
    Packet: WM610_FW_V01.03.00.00.bin
    Upgrading …

    == 2014.01.01 00:00:04 remo-con disconnect==
    Packet: WM610_FW_V01.03.00.00.bin
    Upgrading …
    Result: Success.

    I was using a USB stick to read the micro SD card I’m not sure if that’s how the file was corrupted – Either way, it’s all good now :-) Thanks

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