DJI Inspire 1 Ground Station


DJI Inspire 1 Ground Station

DJI has a fully-featured ground station that is already compatible with the Phantom 2 and can be controlled with an app. But, as far as I can tell, DJI is still working on making an Inspire 1 ground station. The word is that ground station for Inspire 1 will be available in the next few months. Just to get excited about what’s to come and to know more about it, let’s look at what the Phantom 2 Ground Station can do.


Ground station makes it possible for you to program your drone and fly it out of sight. Ground station is meant to give drones an autonomous flight option, flying them along a preset course that may be modified during flight. Sort of like putting it on autopilot. You can edit missions, plan flight routes, and display flight status. Ground station also includes a terminal for flight control. With DJI’s ground station, you can get feedback from your flight state in real time, edit waypoints on a 3-D map, and you can enable an auto takeoff and landing sequence.


The waypoints are markers for your flight plan as the drone will fly from one scheduled waypoint to the next. By adjusting a waypoint, you will adjust the shape of the flight. To get your drone in the air, just set a waypoint and with a single tap it will set off for its destination.


DJI has a user guide that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use this app.


When you purchase the Bluetooth Datalink and Ground Station, you’ll get a few different things in the box: a ground end of the datalink, an air end of the datalink, a BTU module, a CAN-Bus cable, a USB cable, and a DC power cable. After you have connected all of these parts, you will need to install the Ground Station app. You will need to connect the datalink and module to the flight control system. Then, when you run the app it will search your main controller. There will be a FirstUser function that will help you during each subsequent step so that you don’t have to worry about knowing how to operate everything before you even get the app.


If you are having issues connecting to the main controller, check to make sure everything else is connected properly, particularly the ground end. If you feel like everything is connected but you’re still having problems, you can contact the dealer and they should be able to walk you through any troubleshooting.


After you have set all of this up on your iPad, you can fiddle with functions through the flight simulator. To do some real flights, just disable the flight simulator and power up the flight control system.


Now, when you are constructing flights, remember to obey all UAV regulations. Ground station does have an automatic restriction on certain areas so that you will not accidentally schedule your drone to fly too close to an airport or something similar. That could be a disaster!


So the Inspire 1 does not have ground station yet. But within just a few months it will have all of the same, awesome features that the Phantom 2 Ground Station has.

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