DJI Inspire 1 Flight Simulator


DJI Inspire 1 Flight Simulator

If you’ve never flown a DJI Inspire 1 before—especially if you’ve never flown a quadcopter before, you will want to try out the Inspire 1’s flight simulator that’s built into the app.


With the flight simulator, you can control every feature of the drone just as you would in real life. Except you don’t have to worry about novice errors. The flight simulator lets you safely practice every new maneuver before you try it out on the real deal.


The only drawback to the simulator is that you have to power on the Inspire 1 in order for it to work. Because of this, it’s a good idea to take off the propellers so that if the Inspire 1 suddenly tries to imitate what you’re doing on the flight simulator, it will just sit there all grumpy because it isn’t the one flying.


So, once you’ve powered on the Inspire 1 and opened the app, you can go to the academy tab and start the simulation. Like I said, it has a bunch of great features. It also has a little tutorial box that will show you how to do stuff like make the Inspire 1 take off, how to control the gimbal, etc. It’s a super great reference.


When you are familiar with the remote controller, you can use it to pilot your simulated drone. It is remarkably accurate to how the Inspire 1 responds to your command in real life. You can practice adjusting the gimbal while in flight and navigate through different gimbal options such as resetting the gimbal.


You can use the radar in the bottom left corner to orient yourself and return back to home. You can also select the return to home sequence and the drone will return and land on its own. Another great thing about the flight simulator is that the remote will also respond as if it is really controlling flight. So, when you put the simulated drone into return to home mode, the remote will start beeping, just as it would in real life. That way you don’t get confused and think that you are being alerted to an error.


There is a map in the right left-hand corner that will show you where the drone is and the flight course it has taken. Since you will be stationary while your drone flies around, you will probably lose sight of it and this feature helpfully lets you know where it is at all times. With the map, you can turn on the GPS. Now, this is just a simulator so the GPS isn’t locating a real place but this is here mostly to help you learn how to use the GPS and what to expect from it. When using the GPS, remember that sometimes it can be a little bit off. So be ready to adjust the flight as needed if, for example, the drone is coming in a little to the left when operating the back to home procedure.


So, before you take your DJI Inspire 1 to the skies, remember to try out the flight simulator first so that you can be an experienced flyer.

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  • Ashley Smith
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  • Tam

    There WAS a flight simulator app, no more. Dare you to find one..

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