DJI Inspire 1 First Person View


DJI Inspire 1 First Person View

If you didn’t already think that the DJI Inspire 1 was from the future, then you will when you hear about the first person view. Seriously, it’s like something straight from Star Trek.


Basically, first person view (FPV) lets you see the world through the Inspire 1 camera’s eyes. Yeah, you can see what the camera sees on your mobile device when its hooked up, but I’m talking about the glasses. You put on these high-tech Zeiss Cinemizer OLED glasses and you will suddenly find you are looking at the ocean rushing past beneath you. Or you will see yourself rise above expansive forests, zoom along twisting rivers, or gaze on the top of a skyscraper from a nearby park. It’s like you’re the one flying—not the drone.


The glasses work through connecting to the DJI Lightbridge. Lightbridge transmits video up to 2km away straight to your mobile device or Cinemizer glasses. This system will also send you live flight data: altitude, vertical and horizontal speed, GPS heading, signal strength, etc. With the Inspire 1, Lightbridge is actually integrated, meaning you don’t have to buy an additional Lightbridge system and hook it up to anything; your HD video communication system is ready to go. With other drones, you would actually have to attach a Lightbridge transmitter to the body of the drone which would increase the weight and possibly decrease flight time.


The FPV bundle is at a special price right now at $1,779 through DJI. Normally, it’s $2,188. This includes both the DJI Lightbridge system as well as the Zeiss Cinemizer OLED glasses (but doesn’t include the Inspire 1). However, like I said before, you don’t need to buy another Lightbridge system for the Inspire 1 in order to use the glasses since Lightbridge is integrated. The Cinemizer glasses should connect to the HDMI output on the remote. In order to allow HDMI output, you need to go to the pilot app and activate the dual output. The glasses are especially great for FPV because sometimes a glare on your iPad from the sun will make it hard to see. But the glasses shade out the sun and give you perfect FPV that is just as amazing as the view you would get from the iPad if you could see it.


Through B&H you can actually purchase a bundle that includes the Inspire 1, a remote control, and FPV glasses for $3,725.88.


If you are still curious about the glasses themselves, they can connect to even more than just drones. If you wear glasses normally, these glasses should be able to fit over top of the prescription ones if you adjust the setting wheel. And you can even get the eyeshield to go with the glasses which makes them extremely comfortable to wear even if you feel a little ridiculous. You can also connect them to your iPod, iPhone, gaming console, Blue-ray player, and more. Plus they have a rechargeable battery that gives you about 6 hours of viewing time.


These glasses and the new Lightbridge technology have reimagined first person view for drones. Just imagine the possibilities!

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  • Ashley Smith
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