DJI Inspire 1 Flyaways


DJI Inspire 1 Flyaways

If you are up-to-date on the latest drone news and concerns, you’ve probably heard of something called flyaways. Flyaways are drones that act without receiving command from the remote controller or that just act contrary to how they’re supposed to. Sound scary? I’m sure the last thing you want your drone to do is take a spectacular dive into the ocean or into your new car for no reason whatsoever. Before you get too nervous about this, understand that this doesn’t happen super often. And most of the supposed “flyaways” are due to poor pilot operation rather than poor construction. Not knowing how to fly your craft can be very dangerous. And expensive!


Still, there are reasons why your Inspire 1 could become a flyaway and it is good to be aware that this could happen to you.


One thing that could create a flyaway is if the drone suddenly becomes disconnected from the controller. If the drone is too far away to receive the signal, for example, then the drone may become confused and go careening into a tree. Luckily, the Inspire 1 has a feature that will make the drone return to the last home point if it does happen to lose connection with the controller.


Another, related issue is if there is a problem with the GPS. You really can’t rely on GPS all of the time because it can be a little off. This is part of the reason why there are different flight modes on the Inspire 1. If you are having trouble getting a GPS signal, you can switch to another flight mode.


Weather is another issue. An unexpected gust of wind could blow your drone into the side of your house. But this can’t be blamed on manufacture error or pilot error. Just be smart about taking your drone out into windy conditions and realize that although your drone is pretty cool, it is not impervious to the weather.


Another problem is firmware bugs, which do happen. I’ve heard of people having problems with their compass malfunctioning. Other people have had their home point malfunction or auto takeoff. And there are even more. But the odds of your Inspire 1 bugging out are slim and DJI is constantly working on getting all the bugs out and installing more sensors so that every drone will fly with more precision. If you do feel like a feature is bugging out, call the experts and get it figured out. It could be that a part needs to be changed out. Or maybe there’s a simple fix like something needs to be recalibrated.


Overall, the best thing is to do your homework on how to fly your drone. Try out the flight simulator until you feel confident enough to take the Inspire 1 to the skies. And remember to calibrate your drone often enough that everything will be synced up and working properly. And if there is a bug, don’t hesitate to get it checked out and fixed by the pros.

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