How to Fly the DJI Inspire 1


How to Fly the DJI Inspire 1

The first, and probably most important, question you ask when you get your drone is how do I fly the DJI Inspire 1? You will be controlling an expensive, high-tech drone that has a lot of pieces to operate. But while it may look intimidating, flying the drone is not difficult if you know how and get the hang of it.


Before I get into how to fly the Inspire 1, know that there is a flight simulator on the app that will allow you to control the drone as if you were really flying it—but without any of the risks. I highly suggest you try this out before taking the real thing to the skies. That way you’ll be more familiar with the controls, and you will know what to expect from the GPS and different flying modes.


First, before flying your drone, go through the checklist. Choose a good location for flight that will be safe and will not violate any regulations. Then make sure you’ve done all of the necessary pre-flight procedures: 1. check the battery levels; 2. check that the propellers are on tightly and will not come loose during flight; 3. turn on your drone and wait until it has a GPS lock; 4. calibrate your drone so that everything is set correctly. The camera will calibrate on its own if it is on a flat surface but you will need to physically calibrate the compass. Once you’ve done these 4 things, you’re ready to take off.


Let’s not worry about the camera controls right now. We’re just going to talk about actually flying the drone. All aspects of flight will be controlled by the master controller. To take off, make sure your drone is on a flat surface then toggle both sticks to the inside, bottom corners of the remote.


Your Inspire 1 will now be in the air. To raise the landing gear, simply push the transformation switch up (and down again to lower it). With the landing gear up, your camera will have a clear view.


The left toggle stick will control the side-to-side rotation as well as the throttle up and down.


The right toggle stick will control motion backwards and forwards as well as side to side.


Once you get the handle of coordinating those two toggles, you will be able to do any sort of maneuver with your drone. Simple, right? I will warn you that if you’ve never flown an Inspire 1 before, this will take some getting used to.


Now, for coming back, you can either press the return-to-home button on your controller, or you can land manually. To do it manually, remember to lower your landing gear using the transformation switch again then ease the drone to the ground. To power down, press the power button on the controller and on the body of the drone. On the drone you will want to push the power button once then push it again and hold until the light turns off.


With your battery you will have a solid 18 minutes of flight time. Not too bad, right? So get out there and try it out!

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