DJI Inspire 1 Issues


DJI Inspire 1 Issues

You’ve probably heard a bunch or horror stories about drones. These maybe range from tall tales about drones taking over the world and replacing people to malfunctions in the firmware, making the drone crash and costing the owner a lot of money. Don’t worry. Drones are not taking over the world. However, when it comes to drones malfunctioning, crashing, and wasting a lot of money, that does happen. Not often, but every once in a while.


So what issues does the DJI Inspire 1 have?


First of all, calibration. This can be as much of an issue as it is a solution if the calibration isn’t done properly. If you do not calibrate your Inspire 1, you may have issues during flight and your drone may even crash. The two calibrations you need to worry about are for the compass and for the IMU. The compass is very sensitive and should be calibrated every time before takeoff. The IMU stabilizes your flight so that everything operates smoothly. You don’t need to calibrate this every time you turn on your drone but make sure to keep an eye on the IMU levels in case a calibration is needed. Quite a few people have reported issues with their battery getting overheated quickly, making it so they can only get in a couple of minutes of flight. This is related to the IMU not being calibrated.


You may also have issues relating to the GPS signal being lost, though this is hardly a fault of the Inspire 1. GPS can be unpredictable at times and there are other flight modes on the Inspire 1 that do not require GPS signal, so your drone will switch into one of those and easily keep flying.


The Inspire 1 has a high-tech design and it is fully tested before it is ever sent to you so you should have virtually no issues with the mechanics. If you do, it will probably be with the propellers; If the propellers aren’t on tight enough, they may come loose. But there is a simple fix of tightening them and even adding prop-clips.


DJI is constantly updating the new firmware to weed out any bugs that are likely to occur. If you do run into errors though, there are ways to troubleshoot so that you can get your drone safely back into the air. With most firmware problems, you will be notified of an error through the app on your mobile device, through the controller itself, or on the body of the drone. If there is an error, there’s usually a safety feature for every flight aspect to prevent damage.


Most crashes and issues come simply from pilot error. The only way to avoid this is to do your homework and figure out the specifics of flying your drone. If you keep having difficulties with something, call for support or maybe try out the same thing on the flight simulator a few times.


If you’re having issues but cannot troubleshoot the drone yourself or you can’t seem to fix a problem, you can always call DJI or even a number of drone retailers. They will guide you through each step to figure out what the problem is and how to best fix it. It may be that a part is damaged and you need to send it back. Don’t worry; virtually any issue can be resolved.

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  • Ashley Smith
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  • Cesare

    DJI’s first quick-release propellers were so unsafe that the Inspire 1 had to be held from sales just three days after launch, and propellers had to be replaced with an over- engineered quick mount system that inspires no trust at all – and also made some casualties in term of crash “landings”.
    It looks like the usual tedius troubles concerning Inspire (1 & 2) propellers have been solved definitely now
    More info here:
    I hope I provided a useful information to all Inspire 1 & 2 owners.
    Best regards
    Cesare Lanza

  • Guy Arzamendi
    Guy Arzamendi

    I bought the Inspire 1 with 2 controllers. I think I used them w/o reguards to Master / Slave.
    Now, I cannot even get the drone to connect to the controller. I have tried to reset the link, but it does not work. Help

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