DJI Inspire 1 Insurance


DJI Inspire 1 Insurance

You can read up on everything related to your DJI Inspire 1 so that you will have the best possible flight experience but there are some things you just can’t control. Like the weather. And accidents. But after paying $2,899 for the Inspire 1, you really don’t want to pay extra for new parts or even a new drone a short time later because your drone ran into a tree or something. Even worse, you really don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg because you accidentally crashed the drone into your neighbor’s car. Beyond this, some people can also run into privacy problems and liability issues.


If you are worried about any of this, you can always get insurance.


It’s probably good to understand that there are two types of coverage that you might want. The first is for liability. If your Inspire 1 crashed into someone else’s property, for example, and broke some expensive stuff, whatever insurance you get should cover it. This is the most important type of coverage for your Inspire 1 because liability damage could cost you a lot.


The other type of coverage is for damage to the Inspire 1. Like I said above, this could be a really great idea so that you don’t have to worry about replacing parts or buying another drone. However, insurance isn’t cheap. First look at your insurance rates and compare them to prices surrounding the Inspire 1. It might end up being cheaper, or about the same cost, to just replace parts than to get insurance for damage.


I’ve seen some posts online that say some people’s homeowners insurance actually covered their drone as long as they were only using their drone for recreational purposes and not commercial. This isn’t a for sure thing and every insurance company is different. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt to call your current insurance company to see if they would cover your drone.


If your insurance company does not cover your drone, or you are planning on using it for commercial purposes, you can buy insurance specifically for your drone.


I’ve been doing research but it seems hard to find definitive insurance for drones. Two different companies, AIG and Unmanned Risk Management, seem to offer coverage options for physical damage and liability. And two other companies that have gotten good reviews are Highlands Aviation Insurance and Go ahead and contact any of these companies to get a quote.


AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) though has been praised a few times as the best option. As a member of AMA, you get liability insurance. But I don’t think it covers damage to the drone. Although, like I said before, you may be better off just getting liability coverage and just paying for damage yourself since you could end up paying more than you need to cover damage.


Also, remember that policies are different depending on what country you are flying your drone. There are different regulations for where you fly it and how you fly it. And if you are flying your drone for commercial purposes, you may actually be required to have liability insurance. Be aware of these regulations and policies wherever you fly.

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