DJI Inspire 1 Lightbridge


DJI Inspire 1 Lightbridge

Part of what makes the DJI Inspire 1 so inspiring is Lightbridge.


The DJI Lightbridge is a digital video downlink in 2.4G full HD, making it an advanced FPV (First Person View) system.


Lightbridge transmits video up to 2km away straight to your mobile device or even to Cinemizer glasses, if you have them. This system will also send you live flight data: altitude, vertical and horizontal speed, GPS heading, signal strength, etc. With most drones, you have to buy Lightbridge separately, which costs about $1300. Plus, you have to hook everything up, which can be complicated. With other drones, you would even have to attach a Lightbridge transmitter to the body of the drone which would increase the weight and possibly decrease flight time.


But with the Inspire 1, Lightbridge is actually integrated, meaning it is already built into the drone. So with the Inspire 1, you have an all-in-one communication system with live HD viewing, and you don’t have to buy an additional Lightbridge system and hook it up to anything; your system is ready to go.


Some other features on Lightbridge are the master-slave mode, input support for dual video, mobile device and HDMI HD support, and advanced security.


With the master-slave mode, you can have one remote controlling the drone while a second remote controls the camera. Any additional remotes can also be linked up, but they will only be able to receive video. With the dual video support, you will be able to monitor both pilot and camerawork with the same system. The mobile device and HDMI HD support will actually increase functionality by charging USB devices. The advanced security ensures that only devices that are authorized can receive data from your Inspire 1 and camera. It protects from interference with great internal and external shields. And, you can recharge the LiPo battery, giving you 4.5 hours of operation.


Since Lightbridge will give you live video feed, you may be wondering if there is any latency. Latency is the amount of time that a video lags behind real time. You have the capability to hook up both an HD monitor and a tablet at the same time to view what Lightbridge is viewing. With the HD monitor, you will get very little latency, while with the tablet you may get a little bit more of delay on your video. However, any delay that you get will generally be less than a second. If you’re worried about too much lag time, make sure to hook up a higher-quality tablet or other viewing device as this will minimize latency.


You can even hook it up to Zeiss Cinemizer OLED glasses to give yourself a touch of the future. The glasses will let you view everything the camera is seeing—almost as if you were really flying.


The DJI Inspire 1 is miles ahead of its competition with its integrated Lightbridge system. It really gives you a sweet advantage with videography and photography. With this system, you have optimum control over your camera and viewing capabilities.

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  • Ashley Smith
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