DJI Inspire 1 Parts

May 19, 2015

DJI Inspire 1 Parts

To really know all about the DJI Inspire 1, you’re going to need to know about the basic parts. As soon as it comes in the mail, the Inspire is ready to fly. This means it comes with all the necessary parts, and it requires minimal assembly.


These are all the parts that come in the Inspire box:


Aircraft body

Remote controller

Remote controller charging cable

Camera with Gimbal and a box to hold it

Four propellers

Intelligent Flight Battery

Battery charger

SD card

ND filter


Power cable and micro-USB cables


Carrying case


I know. That looks like a lot of pieces, right? But it’s everything you need to fly your Inspire, and all the parts are really easy to assemble. Not counting any software updates you need to make and not counting charging time, it should take only a few minutes to assemble the Inspire.


When assembling the Inspire, first make sure that the battery and charger are both fully charged. When they are, you can insert the battery. You will need to push it down into the battery space in the Inspire, and then snap it in for the battery to be completely locked in the craft.


The next step will be to install the camera and gimbal. For this, take the Inspire out of travel mode. (You can do this through the app. Make sure to install all the software you need while assembling the Inspire.) When the Inspire is out of travel mode, turn the drone off and find the gimbal connector on the bottom. You will need to unlock the connector, allowing the protective cap to fall off. Take the protective cap off of the removable gimbal as well and then slide the gimbal into the connector, making sure the white lines on both pieces line up. Slide the rotating lock to lock it in.


Lastly, you will want to attach the propellers. Make sure to tighten these or else they may come off during flight and cause the Inspire to crash. If you have any problems with the propellers coming loose, attach some prop clips from DJI, and they should stay on with no troubles.

All of the Inspire parts work together smoothly to give you the best flight experience possible. With the remote controller, you can control every aspect of the drone’s flight as well as all camera functions. The high-quality 4k camera is perfect for any of your filming needs and gets an unobstructed view of the world (when the landing gear is raised) due to the incredibly stable gimbal. To learn more about how to operate each part, you can peruse any of the user manuals on the DJI site. The manuals will tell you how each piece fits together, what the specs for each part is, common questions about the parts, and it will even give you specifics on the app functions. Because the virtual parts are just as important as the physical ones. With the DJI Inspire 1, know that you are getting the highest quality in every working part.

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