DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 4k Camera and 3-axis Gimbal

May 19, 2015

DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 4k Camera and 3-axis Gimbal

You are filming an elusive fox as it scampers around a little in the melting snow. There is a bit of wind, and you lean your Inspire into it to steady yourself. Maybe you fly in a circle around the fox or move along with it as it heads towards the woods. Through all of this, you want to have a steady camera that will film precisely what you need it to regardless of your drone maneuvers. With the DJI Inspire1 4k Camera and 3-axis gimbal, this shot will be beautifully easy and fun to capture.


Reviewers of the Inspire 1 camera say that it films great and the video is gorgeous. Most people were just blown away by how great and smooth their experience was.


The camera can film 4k video and take 12 megapixel photos. Although a higher megapixel shot doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, if you intend to blow up your pictures to larger sizes, you will want a higher count so that the picture will still look sharp. With this amount of megapixels, the X3 camera can produce an image max size of about 4000x3000. In addition to this, the camera lens has 9 elements that work together to give you an undistorted, clear image.


With the advanced remote controller, you can control every aspect of your camera’s functions while it’s in the air, and you’re on the ground. And, through the tablet connected to your remote, you can see everything your camera sees. The buttons are easy to use, and, with two remotes, two people can control the drone flight and camera function separately. That way you don’t have to worry about multitasking.


This is truly a terrific camera. With the DJI Inspire 1, you get an extended reach without sacrificing camera quality.

The 3-axis gimbal is also top quality. The gimbal is a Zenmuse X3 model with a controllable pitch range of -90 to +30 degrees and a controllable pan range of +/-130 degrees. This gives the camera an unobstructed view of the world. It also has tilt speeds of 120 degrees per second and rotation speed of 180 degrees per second. And, you can get any of this within an accuracy of .03 degrees. Beyond all of the technical details, this gimbal has a longer life than most other gimbals.


The gimbal constantly takes information from the flight controller to consider all flight parameters and it will properly correct motion by the millisecond. The custom made processor gives the gimbal power as it controls yaw, tilt, and roll. No matter the flight conditions, your Inspire gimbal will keep your camera steady. One reviewer even said that the gimbal held the camera so steady that he almost couldn’t tell if the camera was filming live. Yeah, it’s that good.


The entire camera and gimbal piece is detachable which allows for easy and safe storage. Plus, this also allows for future upgrades. Compared to other competing quadcopters, the DJI Inspire 1’s camera and gimbal push this drone to the top of the market.

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