DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter Specs


DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter Specs

The easiest way to compare drones and their parts is to look at their specs. I’ve talked all about the camera, the battery, and the remote, but now we’re going to look specifically at the details of the DJI Inspire quadcopter itself.


Here are a few of the important specs to consider:


Model:  T600

Dimensions:  438x451x301 mm

Weight with battery:  2935 g

Max speed:  22 m/s (with no wind in ATTI mode)

Max flight altitude:  4500 m

Max wind speed resistance:  10 m/s

Max flight time:  18 min

Operating temperature range:  -10 to 40 C

Motor model: DJI 3510

Propeller model:  DJI 1345


Overall, the design of the Inspire 1 is pretty simple and lightweight—and even more advanced because of this considering that its dimensions are 438x451x301 mm (which is fairly large for a camera drone), and it only weights 2935g with the battery inserted. The body and frame of the Inspire 1 are mostly made up of carbon fiber, and the arms can be easily maneuvered to raise or lower the body of the drone depending on whether you are attaching the gimbal or taking camera shots in the air. With this sort of model, you have no trouble executing any sort of maneuver.


When taking it to the air, the Inspire 1 gets great altitude and speed. The max speed is about 22 m/s which translates into about 50 mph. So if speed is super important to you, then you’re going to want the Inspire. The max ascent speed is 5 m/s and the max descent speed is 4 m/s. These are obviously lower speeds so that you can have optimum control of ascent and descent without crashing into anything. Realize that the max speed of 22 m/s is a measurement based on no wind resistance at all. The most wind resistance the Inspire can take is 10 m/s (about 22 mph). Some have flown it in even stronger winds, but it’s really not a good idea to push any drone past its limits.

With the Intelligent Flight Battery, the Inspire 1 can get in about 18 minutes of flight time. Although this is plenty of time to get the best shots and is above average, it really isn’t the longest flight time out there. Some people have even been slightly disappointed that the Inspire didn’t get more airtime. If more airtime is a must for you, you can always get a second battery and switch it for the first when it runs out of juice so that you don’t have to wait for the first battery to recharge before flying again.


The DJI 3510 model motor is a new design that is a bit larger than what’s used in the Phantom 3. It makes the Inspire fast, stable, easy to fly, and agile. Really a great addition to everything else you get with the Inspire.


These specs make the drone a competitive option on the market even without considering other components (like the camera, battery, remote, and Lightbridge system).

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