DJI Inspire 1 Replacement Parts


DJI Inspire 1 Replacement Parts

You might lose a piece of your propeller attachments, or, after a bit of wear and tear, it’s time for a new mobile device holder. Any replacement parts for the DJI Inspire 1 that you need can be found on the DJI site. Or you can buy parts from any number of other Inspire 1 dealers.


Some dealers are going to have better prices than others. For example, I found that on the site for Intelligent UAS, their parts were relatively good prices, but, the power adaptor was $30 more than what you pay buying it straight from DJI. And with DJI, the power adaptor comes with an AC cable.


Also, some dealers are only going to have a few replacement pieces that you need, such as which only stocks replacements for the controller, battery, and propellers. And some parts will be sold out more often than others. You may need to shop around a bit for the part that you need for the best price. But I think you will mostly find that a lot of the parts, particularly the bigger ones, are going to be roughly the same price across the board.


You may be able to buy used Inspire 1 parts for cheaper prices on sites like eBay or Amazon. This could be fine but just know that there’s a possibility these parts are already damaged or will have a shorter life than if you had just bought a new replacement part.


Keep your eye out for the best deals on replacement parts. Some places will sell parts together for a much cheaper price than if you bought them separately—just as how I said above that DJI sells a power adaptor and AC cable together while you have to buy them separately from other places.

So when do you know if you need a replacement part? Well first of all, if a particular part has stopped working properly, it’s probably worth it to just replace the thing. If a propeller were to get smashed up a bit, it’s no problem to just order a new propeller and screw it on. Also, you may need to get an extra battery if you want more flight time while you are filming outdoors.


When replacing parts, just know that fiddling around with the drone yourself instead of letting a repair team fix it (especially if you aren’t entirely sure what you’re doing) may not comply with your warranty. This means that if you try to send your Inspire 1 in later for a repair, the company may end up charging you for it because you tried to fix it yourself first. If you know that your Inspire 1 already doesn’t comply with your warranty and a repair will end up costing you anyway, then it could be a good idea to just go ahead and fix it yourself. Otherwise, check to see if DJI or another repair service will repair it for free. No need to pay for extra parts if you don’t have to!

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  • John

    Crashed my drone and need diagnosis and repair. DJI Inspire 1

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