DJI Inspire 1 Specs

May 21, 2015

DJI Inspire 1 Specs

For figuring out which camera drone is the best fit for you, the specs don’t lie. I’ve given a few key specs for different parts of the DJI Inspire 1below.



Dimensions:  438x451x301 mm

Weight with battery:  2935 g

Max speed:  22 m/s (with no wind in ATTI mode)

Max flight altitude:  4500 m

Max wind speed resistance:  10 m/s

Operating temperature range:  -10 to 40 C

Motor model: DJI 3510

Propeller model:  DJI 1345


Overall, the design of the Inspire 1 is advanced, simple, and lightweight. Its dimensions are 438x451x301 mm, but it only weights 2935g with the battery inserted. The body and frame of the Inspire 1 are mostly made up of carbon fiber, and the arms can be easily maneuvered to raise or lower the body of the drone depending on whether you are attaching the gimbal or taking camera shots in the air. When taking it to the air, the Inspire 1 gets great altitude and speed. The max speed is about 22 m/s (about 50 mph) with no wind resistance at all. The most wind resistance the Inspire can take is 10 m/s (about 22 mph), though some have flown it in even stronger winds. With this sort of model, you have no trouble executing any sort of maneuver.



Model:  TB47

Capacity:  4500mAh

Voltage:  22.2V

Max Charging Power:  180W

Net Weight:  570g

Operating temperature range:  -10 to 40 C


As the specs show, the Inspire 1 comes with a fully-integrated, high-capacity 4500mAh battery called the DJI Intelligent Flight Battery. It has a voltage of 22.2V and weighs about 1.3lb or 570g, which makes this battery both efficient and powerful. It also gives you about 18 minutes of flight time which is a bit above average for a drone, though admittedly not at the highest end of flight time.


Effective pixels:  12.4M

Max image size:  4000x3000

Shutter speed:  8s – 1/8000s

ISO range:  100-3200 (for video) and 100-1600 (for photo)

FOV:  94 degrees

Lens:  anti-distortion; 9 elements in 9 groups


The 4k camera was designed specifically for the Inspire, so it is especially well-suited for flying drones. More so than the Gopro camera—which many people swear by. It can take 12 megapixel photos and the camera lens has 9 elements that work together to give you an undistorted, clear image. The 94 degree field of view is just right and tends to reduce the amount of fisheye that you get with some cameras.



Transmitting distance:  2km

Power supply:  built-in battery

Mobile device holder:  phone or tablet

Capability for dual user

Output power:  9w

Battery:  6000mAh LiPo 25

The remote control makes flying the Inspire 1 almost intuitive as the drone responds smoothly to direction from the remote. The remote is well weighted, and it is easy to reach all the switches and buttons. It can hold any device the same size as or smaller than an iPad air. But whatever tablet you use really can’t be wider than 170mm. With the viewing device attached, you will have incredible control of the sights your Inspire 1 views as the tablet will enable you to view the video feed in real time once you connect it to either the HDMI or USB hookup located on the remote. 


The DJI Inspire 1 specs show that this is a competitive drone for any photography needs. Just think—all the power of the Inspire 1 is within your reach.

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