DJI Inspire 1 Support


DJI Inspire 1 Support

Getting good support for your drone is like not getting run over by a double-decker bus on your way to work. You expect it. You expect that you will make your way to work without any crazy bus incidents just like you expect great support from your drone company. Hopefully, you will find support for your DJI Inspire 1 that will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.


First of all, even though there are a lot of dealers that sell the Inspire 1, not a lot actually offer real support for the drone. Among the companies that do, I’ve found that DJI and Drones Etc. are the best options.


Obviously DJI itself. When you go to the DJI site, there will actually be a “support” tab that you can click on and peruse. DJI’s support page surpasses other dealers’ support in that it offers you quick information all in one place. At the top of the page, there are three links that will let you directly contact the support team, redirect you to the DJI wiki page, or provide you with all the details of the after-sales service policies.


Beneath these links is a chart that gives you all the information of locations you can get your service from or where you can buy product. This will tell you the address, contact info, and service hours. If this information isn’t what you’re looking for, you can scroll down and find quick links for each of the drones sold through DJI. So anything you need for the Inspire 1 can be found here, from videos to frequently asked questions to 24-hour support. To top it all off, you can even get technical support online through a chat box.


DJI knows what it’s doing but there are a lot of Inspire 1 owners that prefer to get support from other companies because there are a lot of negative reviews about DJI’s customer service. But, hey, if you don’t find DJI as helpful as you need, there are other places you can go.


Drones Etc. is a great option. When you go to the support tab, you will find a simple page with contact info and even a form box that enables you to send a quick message about your questions or needs. Drones Etc. has great return policies and a great repair service. With their extensive knowledge, they should be able to answer or solve any issues you’re having.

B&H is one of the top places people buy the Inspire 1 from, but I wouldn’t necessarily go to them for any sort of technical support. This is mostly because they sell a large range of camera paraphernalia, and are therefore not going to be as knowledgeable about drones beyond how the camera works.


Beyond these options, there are drone organizations and discussion groups that let you connect with and get support from other drone users. In the discussion groups, you can find out where other people have gotten technical support and what issues they’ve had. One organization I’ve found is the Drone User Group Network. By joining this, you can connect with other drone users and find outlet activities for you hobby.

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