DJI Inspire 1 Tutorial


DJI Inspire 1 Tutorial

I’m not a great tutorial watcher. Within the first few seconds of watching a tutorial I’ll get distracted and have to start the video over from the beginning. If I’m reading directions, it’s even worse. And, after a few minutes, I’ll eventually give up and just try to figure out how to do the thing myself. Hopefully, you’re not so much like me, because tutorials are so much more interesting to watch that just reading and rereading directions. And when it comes to all things DJI Inspire 1, you’re going to want to know what you’re doing.


Here, we’re going to talk about tutorials. Where you can find them, which tutorials are the best, and I’ll even include my own little written tutorial on how to get started.


First of all, you can find a bunch of videos on the DJI site. Just go to the Inspire 1 page and click on the videos tab. There are nine official videos here, six of which are tutorials. They’re short but get straight to the point in telling you exactly what you need to know. Particularly in how to get your Inspire 1 off the ground. Below these videos are eleven more which are partner videos. These videos were not created by DJI, but they are extremely helpful.


Apart from the DJI site, you can always go straight to YouTube and search for Inspire 1 tutorials. I’ve found some great ones about flying the Inspire 1, how to use the controller, and how to operate the flight simulator.


In trying to find good Inspire 1 tutorials on YouTube, I also ran into a bunch that just showed the Inspire 1 filming without any dialogue or instructions. With tutorials, you don’t want to say, “Wow, what a great field, too bad this taught me nothing.” To stay away from these, take a look at the titles. If the title says it’s a test flight, you’re probably going to watch about fifteen minutes of a sunset (Yes, very pretty. But, like I said, not super helpful). Instead, look for videos that specifically say “tutorial” in the title. Pretty self-explanatory, right?


So, now it’s time for a small tutorial from me about how to get started with your drone and what areas you might want to see a video tutorial for.

1. When your Inspire 1 first comes in the mail and you eagerly take it out of the box, you’re going to do a small about of assembly. Emphasis on “small.” It really should only take a few minutes to install the battery and the gimbal with camera and then screw on the propellers. (Note: you do need to charge your remote and battery fully before using them). So this is pretty easy, but if you want to use a tutorial just to make sure you’ve got everything right, go for it.

2. Install all the software you need. Okay, this is, again, pretty simple, but you may want to view a tutorial, especially if you aren’t super good with computers.

3. Familiarize yourself with the remote control so you know what every button and toggle will do.

4. Takeoff and fly. Please, please use a tutorial for this. The last thing you want to do is crash your $3,000 drone because you didn’t know how to fly the thing.


With the help of a few tutorials and some practice, you’ll be flying high in no time.

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