DJI Inspire 1 Tips


DJI Inspire 1 Tips

Some restaurants have special items that aren’t on the menu, but if you know what to ask for, you can end up with a much cooler lunch than the guy next to you. With the Inspire 1, it’s the same deal. To get the most out of your DJI Inspire 1, it’s useful to know all the inside info—what other people have learned is best or what things are super important to remember. I’m going to talk about just a few helpful tips that maybe aren’t obvious or explained in any manuals.


Let’s first talk about some camera tips.


1. You don’t have to be stuck with the preset camera settings. You can change the settings through the DJI pilot app. Some Inspire 1 photographers like to adjust the settings to give a flat, boring picture, because they’ve found this actually allows them to get more out of their footage. Later they will adjust the color grading to really make the images pop. So, try playing around with the camera settings a bit until you find what works best for you.


2. You can adjust how much light the camera takes in just by tapping a particular section of the screen when in the DJI pilot app. If you’re outside and the image is coming in overly bright, tap the brightest section of the screen and it will automatically adjust to make things a little darker. To make the image come in lighter, do the opposite. It’s a small tip, but super helpful.


How about tips for the battery?


3. LiPo batteries are dangerous. To avoid causing damage to yourself or your drone, make sure you know how to properly charge and discharge your battery. Also make sure to store it safely. You may want to put any LiPo batteries you have in a protective box away from the rest of the Inspire 1 parts and store this box in a shed or something similar.


4. The amount of flight time a battery gets depends on a lot of factors. If you want to maximize the amount of flying time, avoid flying in high wind conditions and don’t push your drone’s speed too hard or give it too much weight to carry.

Flying the Inspire 1.


5. When first trying out the Inspire 1, keep it at a close distance and only let it fly farther away when you are comfortable with your skills and comfortable with the view on screen. Just don’t let the Inspire 1 fly so far that it is out of your line of sight.


6. This one isn’t so much a tip as a reminder to use the flight simulator first before taking the Inspire 1 out for flight. The simulator responds just like the real thing, but it will give you room to make mistakes.


7. There are regulations for flying drones. Make sure you know all of the regulations where you fly.


Hopefully these tips will help you get out there and make the most of your DJI Inspire 1 experience.

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