DJI Inspire 1 with Case


DJI Inspire 1 with Case


Traveling with the DJI Inspire 1 shouldn’t make you nervous. Whether you are traveling across the state with the Inspire 1 in your backseat or you are just packing the Inspire 1 away until next week, a travel case will keep every part snug and safe.


Pretty much any dealer you buy the Inspire 1 from is going to provide a travel case with it. The included case comes with a handle, wheels, and foam insulation. It is great for storing your Inspire 1 but not so great for travel.


For taking your Inspire 1 out into the field, you might want to buy the travel mode case separately. You can buy this case from most of the usual Inspire 1 dealers. You can get it from B&H, Drones Etc., and Go Professional Cases, among other dealers. But, unfortunately, DJI itself doesn’t sell these specialized travel cases.


So, more about the Inspire 1 travel case!


It costs $429, which is pretty pricey, but totally worth it for keeping your drone safe from damage during travel and storage. It has a hard exterior but a foam interior with custom cells, a strong handle, and four wheels that are styled like in-line skates. So it’s super easy to wheel around. To protect your Inspire 1 from theft, the case also has padlock holes, and a molded-in hinge. And you can even get key locking latches. To protect from the weather and other elements, it has a valve that can equalize the pressure and it has a design that is waterproof and dust proof. Not to mention it is resistant to impact damage, UV, corrosion, solvents, and fungus. While your Inspire 1 is locked away, you don’t have to worry about any sort of harm coming to it. Talk about one intense travel case!


So, obviously, you’re going to need to store more than just the drone in your case. Well, every piece of the Inspire 1 has its own specialized place in the case. The special cavities will hold up to 6 batteries, 2 radios, 2 10-inch monitors, 2 transmitters, and, of course, the drone while it is in travel mode. It also has 3 additional cavities which will hold any other accessories you might have.


Several online reviews say that the travel case is truly amazing, and they would definitely recommend it. One customer said that, while on a long trip, his case went through a lot of wear and humidity, but the Inspire 1 was still perfectly preserved inside.



Of course, if the included case works for you and you’re pretty confident about no incidents happening to your drone, then go ahead and keeping using the included case. It’s still a good case, just not quite as protective or easy to haul around. One way or another, make sure you always pack up your Inspire 1 when traveling or when it’s not in use. The last thing you want is for your Inspire 1 to get damaged, because it wasn’t put away properly.

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  • Ashley Smith
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  • Alan

    DJI Inspire 1, Pro – I am trying, so far with nil success, to find either a simple bench test box or at least a useful wiring diagram of same (Or complete drone wiring schematic), so that I can individually test ESC/Motor assemblies. I do not want to return the drone to DJI repair shop as its no longer covered by warranty and all I am seeking to do it to ascertain what is not working. I am getting the ESC warning when trying to start motors, but no other clues. Simply changing one ESC/Motor assy at a time is not logical as I might have more than one defect assembly. Any help would be greatly appreciated and would be prepared to pay for same if it looked like the feedback was solid.

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