Looking Down From The Sky Got Simple With Flying Drone With Camera

May 22, 2015

Looking Down From The Sky Got Simple With Flying Drone With Camera 

The drone is the commercial or mainstream name of an unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV. It is often remotely controlled by human operators or it can also fly with the software controlled flight plans in its system which works synchronized with its GPS. Drones are mainly used in the field of ‘Defense’ or ‘Military’.  But nowadays drones are also used for domestic purposes and its demand in the domestic field is on a rapid growth. Domestically, drones are typically used for purposes such as Border Patrol, Surveillance, Traffic Monitoring, Search and Rescue, Weather Monitoring and even Fire Fighting.


A flying drone with a camera is in an ever increasing demand. There are different types of drones. Some support full HD recording, while others don’t. Drones are the next great revolution after the smartphone. They are the future. Drones can perform different rough and odd jobs. Like it can be used to deliver pizzas, it can be used to get a frisbee off a tree, it can even be used to shoot low budget films and documentaries and docu feature films. While previously drones were primarily used only by defense or military for warfare and spying purposes. Many were even set up with night vision cameras and had a cool appearance of camouflage, nowadays primarily the drones are an increasing need in the domestic purposes. Though many might think the drones to be just mere toys, these are the objects that can just get the impossible done in the time of need. 


A budding director who might not have the budget for the expenses of a jimmy camera or such can shoot a decent movie with rigging a camera to a drone. Some drone even offers HD cameras. While other drones which have stock cameras , the camera quality varies and can be used for different purposes. Like for instance surveillance of someone’s kid or  a newly born infant.  


A typical drone is made of light composite materials to reduce weight and increase maneuverability. The strength of the composite material by which it is composed allows it to cruise at decent high altitude. The UAV system has two parts, the drone itself and the control system. Maximum domestic purpose drones communicate with its pilot through a self-generated Wi-Fi hotspot. The onboard sensors generally include an ultrasonic altimeter which provides vertical stabilization uptill a certain height. These are generally coupled with software on the piloting device, in which the forward facing camera allows the drone to build a 3D environment and to track other drones and objects. Air pressure sensors are also present in some drones stabilizing the drone even more and helping it in hovering. 


Some drones also include a gyroscope, while others include accelerometer and magnetometer. In some drones the pilot can define a flight path by selecting a series of way points that the drone will follow. A drone typically has a front camera, a vertical camera and an USB interface.


These can be rigged with android and IOS devices and provides piloting facility with the same. On screen controls provide joystick style movement, and other functions that allows pilots to perform aerobatics, play games, or update their drone’s firmware.




A flying drone with camera can be put to multiple use. From surveillance to aerial photography, the scope of a flying drone with camera is limitless. 


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Richard Bradford is a freelance writer with years of experience in writing on technical gadgets and other topics as well. With a penchant for aerial photography, his recent article is a good read on the flying drone with camera.   

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