DJI Inspire 1 1345 Self-tightening Props


DJI Inspire 1 1345 Self-tightening Props


The propellers of a drone are like bread on a BLT. When you take the bread out of the equation, you still have a BLT but . . . it’s not a sandwich anymore. Think about it. The propellers make it possible for the Inspire 1 to soar around. Other parts are important of course, just not as essential as the propellers. Now, you might worry with something as expensive and powerful as the Inspire 1 if the propellers are going to stay on. You might ask what would happen if the propellers hit someone or something. What kind of damage are they going to do?


Don’t worry so much! With the DJI Inspire 1 1345 self-tightening props, installation is smooth and flight is even smoother. Granted, you probably still want to stay away from trees and other objects that your propellers could run into. The Inspire 1 is pretty powerful and a hit from or on those propellers is going to cause a bit of damage. But if you practice your flying skills, you have nothing to worry about.


When you get your Inspire 1, 4 pairs of props will already be in the box, ready to be installed. Installation is super easy. You’ll notice that two of the prop attachments on the drone are silver while the other two are a darker gray, almost black. These colors match the studs on the actual props. So, obviously, you need to (1) attach a silver prop to a silver attachment (and black on black). You will then (2) twist the propellers onto their attachments. The silver ones should twist on clockwise while the black twist on counterclockwise. And you’re done!


Make sure each propeller is on snugly so that it won’t come off during flight as this has happened to some Inspire 1 flyers.


To ensure that each prop stays on, you can buy prop locks. These are also super easy to install and should only take a minute or two. After you have put on all of the props like I’ve instructed above, align each prop lock clip with the ventilation holes on the propeller. Press down firmly, and prop lock installation should be complete!


Now, if you need them for any reason, you can buy replacements. On the DJI site and through most other dealers, you can buy a pair of props for $10. (One prop will twist on clockwise, the other counterclockwise.) I have seen some places sell the pair for more—like $19. So just make sure you’re getting the best price.


You might notice that DJI also sells something called “1345s Quick Release Props.” These cost the same amount as the self-tightening props but these have a mechanism that makes sure they don’t get loose—so you wouldn’t have to buy prop locks. This is nice but the installation process is a bit more complicated, and you would have to get an installation kit. Personally, I prefer the simpler stuff. But whatever your preference, the DJI props are great.

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  • Ashley Smith
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