Buy Drones Online at Amazon

May 24, 2015

Buy Drones Online at Amazon


I know a lot of people who are big Amazon shoppers. And why not? Amazon has pretty much everything you need. In fact, Amazon even has a drone store. Seriously, a whole store on Amazon devoted to all of your drone shopping needs.


It’s not that easy to find when you’re already on Amazon, but if you go into another search engine and type in “Amazon drone store,” then one of the top results will take you there. And there isn’t just shopping available there. You can also view all the rules about flying responsibly, and there’s even a learning center with buying guides and a video library. Cool, huh? I wish I’d found this sooner.


In the drone store you have three different categories you can click on to narrow down your search: recreational, photography, and accessories. Now the first category, “recreational,” will show you a whole catalog of drones. Most of these will be drones without cameras since they are, as the title says, just for recreation—for having fun! You have everything from a Walkera QRX350 Pro costing over $800 to an Udirc Nano 3D costing about $28. And, if you take a look, these drones can do all sorts of cool tricks.


In the “photography” category, you will find 16 different camera drones, and each one has the camera included with it. All of these are logically much more expensive than the drones used solely for recreation. But if you need a drone to help you in your photography and videography needs, then this is a good place to look.


In the “accessories” category, you will obviously find an assortment of all types of accessories for your drone. There are replacement pieces and add-ons that will make your flight experience better.


The drone store on Amazon does not have every drone in its catalog, unfortunately. If you have a specific drone in mind, you can probably still find it on Amazon though—just type the name in the search bar and your drone will most likely be available.


One of the cool things about buying from Amazon is that you have the option of buying your drone and parts new or used. By buying a used drone, you are going to pay much less money. But be careful! There is always the chance that your drone will be partly damaged or less than operational. You really don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a broken drone or one that is going to break on you shortly after you get it.


Also, with Amazon, you can return most things for a full refund up to thirty days after getting the receipt. And if you’re sending it back because of a mistake that Amazon made, they will even pay for shipping. Of course, some dealers who sell on Amazon will have different return policies so you should be aware of who you’re actually buying it from and what you can expect from them.


Many dealers only sell one brand of drones or only a few different types. Buying drones on Amazon is easy when you have everything drones in one place!

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