Drones at Walmart

May 26, 2015

Drones at Walmart

I’m always amazed by what you can buy at Walmart: cereal, water shoes, a single egg holder, gateway to Narnia . . . it’s all there. So it’s no surprise that Walmart also sells drones.


Just a few of the brands it sells are Walkera, Parrot, Atomik RC, and AEE Technology. Walmart sells quite a few higher-quality camera drones, but it definitely has a lot more safe recreational drones that even kids can use.


Like other companies’ sites, Walmart has a bar on the left-hand side of the page that will let you narrow down your search to find the perfect drone. You can select a bunch of different preferences like what department you want to search in. Or you can search by customer review, price, brand, color, etc. You can also view your search results in whatever order is most helpful—like cheapest to most expensive.


The unfortunate thing I’ve found when searching for drones on Walmart’s site is that the search results will give you a wide range of things that have nothing to do with the drone you’re searching for. For example, I searched for the DJI Inspire 1, and while the Inspire was at the top of the search list, the next item was a box of markers, the next was cat food, and it only got more random from there. Maybe markers and cat food have more to do with a DJI camera drone than what first meets the eye, but I feel like the Walmart online search is just not super helpful.


Walmart does offer competitive prices, and if you find that somewhere else offers the same drone for a lower price, but you still want to buy from Walmart, Walmart will price match.


Below each drone, you will find a description and a short list of specs. Some specs lists are more extensive and helpful than others. The site also lists other items that are similar so if you find one drone that has some of the thing you want but isn’t exactly perfect, you can view a similar drone and see if it fits all your preferences.


There is also a question and answer spot at the bottom of each item’s page. Here you and other customers can ask questions relating to each specific drone like “where can I get a spare battery?” Mostly, these questions are answered by fellow customers rather than by Walmart employees so there’s no guarantee you’ll get a quick answer, but it can be super helpful to see what questions other customers have had.

Also, you can buy a bunch of drone accessories from Walmart. For some accessories, you may need to look around at other places because Walmart may not carry everything you could need. But, there are plenty of replacement parts and attachable cameras available.


You do have to be aware that Walmart won’t help much in how to actually operate your drone. And for repairs you may have to contact the manufacturer or at least a company that specializes in drone repairs. Besides this, Walmart’s great prices and standard return policies make it a great option for buying drones.

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