Drones for Sale at Costco


Drones for Sale at Costco

I’m a huge fan of Costco for a number of reasons. But, unfortunately, it’s hard to find drones on the Costco site. After searching around for a while, I found some remote-controlled helicopters under the “toys” category but no drones. Some further Google searching led me to find a promotional video of the Parrot AR drone 2.0 on Costco’s site (which is one of the most popular drones on the market), but you can’t actually buy the Parrot. Eventually I was forced to conclude that I just wasn’t going to find any drones there.

Costco does have different websites for different countries so you may be able to find more options for drones on other countries’ sites. If you go to the Canadian Costco website for example, you will find a Swann Maxi Quad Remote Control Starship for sale. It’s a simple quadcopter that gets in about 7 minutes of flight time and it’s only about $55. But even with these sites, your drone shopping is going to be limited.

This is partly because Costco depends mostly on its store locations. Since products vary from store to store, there’s a good chance that something available in one store is not stocked in another. Basically, one of the best ways to find out if Costco is selling a drone that you might want is to browse around in your local Costco. Or, you can contact them and ask about any drones they are currently selling or will be selling in the future.

The bad thing about not being able to search for drones for sale online is that you can’t compare one drone against another. You can’t do research about which one would be the best fit for you. Even if you do find a drone for sale in one of their warehouses, you probably won’t have much of a selection. You may find a great drone for a great price and if you’re feeling impulsive—go for it! Otherwise, you might want to search somewhere else for a drone.

But don’t let me dissuade you from buying a drone from Costco. If you do find a drone you like at Costco, you should feel good about getting it. Costco’s prices are super low compared to other places, and it’s really one of the best places to get a good deal. Plus, they have great return policies. Although they don’t have a lot of information about drones on their site, most other electronics can be returned within 90 days of your purchase. They also have free technical support for a lot of electronics. Again, this probably doesn’t apply to drones, but, if you do buy one from them, I would definitely ask about their return policy and any technical support available. I’ve always been impressed with Costco’s customer service and I’m not alone. I think they would be very helpful with any drone that you buy.

Overall, Costco really isn’t the best place to find drones for sale. However, I know they do have drones every once in a while. If you find yourself shopping at Costco in the near future, go ahead and see if they have any drones in stock.

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  • Adee Bhat
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  • HUGO

    Plus de drone pour regarde

  • john

    Why is the blade in the picture. Very annoying. This should be the first rule of drone cameras. No pictures of drone!!

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