Drone Prices


Drone Prices


I can tell you all you want to know about the features of the newest drones and the benefits of getting this or that brand but you may not care how great the controller communication system is if the drone is out of your price range. On the other hand, you might get suspicious if a drone that seems to have great features is selling super cheap. Drone prices don’t necessarily indicate the exact quality of a drone but they will give you a ballpark of how advanced the drone will be.


You might actually be surprised by how much the average drone costs. Recently, most broadcasters would have had to pay extravagant prices for an airborne video platform that had live streaming. Prices that no average middle-class person could afford. Now, however, particularly with the advancing technology of drones made by DJI, the average drone only costs less than a thousand dollars. Now, when I talk about the “average” drone here, I’m talking about quality camera drones rather than what might be called toy drones that you only use for recreation.


Let’s look at the prices of three very popular high-quality camera drones.

1.) The DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ costs about $1,099. This drone is very popular for its built-in camera, iOS and Android app, and sophisticated controls. DJI is a trusted company, known for its advanced and reliable drones.

2.) The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 comes in three editions (elite, power, and classic) the cheapest of which costs only $299. That’s right, super cheap! This is one of the most popular drones on the market. It has a great camera and 20 minutes of flight time, which is above average.

3.) Blade 350 QX2 AP costs about $499. This drone is great for both beginners and experienced drone flyers, with four different flight modes. It is a great choice but only has an average flight time of about 10 to 15 minutes.

As you can see from these three examples, drone prices vary a lot. The most expensive consumer drone I’ve found is the 3DR which costs $5,400. And the cheapest consumer drone I’ve found is the Cheerson CX-10 mini which only costs about $8. Of course, what you pay depends a lot on what you want. If you only want a drone for recreation, you can get away with only paying around $100 for a quality drone. But if you want a top-end, really advanced camera drone, you may end up paying close to $3,000.

All things considering, the price of drones is incredibly cheap. It’s amazing how easy it is for the average person to get their hands on a quality drone. Even the more expensive drones can be bought with a little bit of saving. But just think about the price of computers. What would have cost you $700 in 1999 now only costs about $100. The same is true of cell phones. With technology advancing all the time, the price of drones is going to go down even further within a few years.

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