Drone Quadcopters for Sale


Drone Quadcopters for Sale


Aerial technological is taking off. And what is really gaining popularity is the quadcopter model. This is mostly because its design is perfect for easy maneuverability and for capturing stunning camera shots. Whether you love recreational flight or you are interested in professional photography, you want a quadcopter of your own.


There are so many stores that offer drones for sale—seriously dozens of different stores across the U.S. But before you start browsing through a hobby shop, you want to know which quadcopter is best for you. You’re probably thinking you just want the best drone for the best price. Although price is important, there are other things to consider when choosing a drone. You want to consider how you will use it, how experienced you are with flying drones already, who else you might want to use the drone, and how jealous you want your neighbors to be. In answering these questions, here are some different quadcopters for sale that you might look into buying.


For Recreation Only:

If you only want to get a quadcopter to fly around the skies a big, you want to get a drone that doesn’t already come with a camera since this will save you a lot of money that you don’t need to spend. For this, you might want to look into getting the Blade 350 QX ($499).


For Photography:

If you’re hoping to get great shots that look professional, you want an advanced camera drone that has great maneuverability as well as a high-quality camera and gimbal. The best ones out there are going to come from DJI—either the Inspire 1 ($2,899) or the Phantom 2 Vision+ ($1,099). There are other good camera drones out there which are going to be a bit cheaper, and out of these I would suggest the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 ($299).


For the Amateurs:

A huge suggestion that you really should take is practice flying a toy drone before moving on to the more advanced stuff. You might think there couldn’t be anything too complicated about flying a drone but you’ll regret not practicing when your $1,000 drone ends up in pieces after a crash on your first flight. Two drones that are great for amateurs to practice on are the Hubsan X4 and the UDI U818A. The Hubsan X4 ($50) is light and durable. It won’t be any great loss if you damage this and it has very stable flight so you can practice the more complicated maneuvers. The UDI U818A ($50). It has many of the same features as the Hubsan and it has protective barriers around the propellers to avoid causing damage to itself and anything around it.


For the Pros:

Again, most anything out of DJI is going to be for the pros. Right now the Inspire 1 ($2,899) is at the top of the market. It has an integrated Lightbridge system, sophisticated controls, an above-average flight time, and a high-quality camera. Really, the Inspire 1 has everything you could ever want in a drone quadcopter.

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