Drone Real Estate

May 29, 2015

Drone Real Estate


Imagine that when looking for a new house to buy, you could not only see a few pictures of rooms in the house, but you could also see a video from a bird’s perspective of the house and surrounding property as well as parts of the rest of the neighborhood. Like taking an impressive tour of the area without leaving your computer.


Many real estate companies cannot wait to take the advantage droneswill give them in showing off their newest locations. The only problem is that FAA regulations make it difficult to get permission to use drones commercially. Mostly, FAA grants permission for commercial drone use only on a case-by-case basis though they are working to revise laws which will allow many more drones to be put to the skies—at least, in the U.S. Even so, there are some real estate companies that are already using drones to sell (some legally, some not so much). Clients love the view. And where clients demand, agents will scramble to supply.


Drones could drastically change real estate. Although the drones would really only be used for open spaces rather than showing off just how little elbow room you’d get in a certain neighborhood. Of course, who wouldn’t love to zoom around a prospective beach house and pan around the ocean view? Or perhaps zoom over a rippling corn field that could be your next-door neighbor. With a drone, a real estate agent could really show what the view would be like from the upper floors—much better than what a simple picture could convey.


I know I’ve had plenty of experience helping friends and family search for houses across the country and the little “photo tours” just don’t really cut it. This is partly because they’re often distorted and I’m left guessing the real size of the room or view I’m seeing.


With drone videos, realtors could even narrate so that prospective buyers can understand the value of what they’re seeing while they’re seeing it.


Some realtors have tried taking videos from a helicopter but this really isn’t the most cost-efficient option and video from a drone is going to be of much better quality anyway. In getting these drone videos, real estate companies can either hire someone else to get the footage or purchase a drone themselves. The most important things in a drone used for real estate would be the camera quality and maneuverability of the craft. So the drones used for real estates would be the same drones any recreational photographer would purchase. Anything from the DJI Phantoms to the Parrot AR Drone 2.0.


You can see quite a few examples of real estate videos taken from drones online and the value of these is evident from the very start. One such video shows the sheer expanse of the house and its sprawling property, and it even shows the proximity to the river. Needless to say, drones are going to become a huge asset to the real estate business very soon.

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