Drones used for Hunting

May 29, 2015 1 Comment

Drones used for Hunting


You’re on your annual hunt in the snowy terrain of Alaska. Every step you take is careful and silent as you get into your hunting mode. You creep around every tree but it’s close to impossible to predict exactly where the deer will be. Just imagine if you had control of a dronethat could hover above the trees and show you with a special thermal-imaging camera view exactly where the most deer are located. You would know where to start your hunt and where to head to next.


Drones are already being used to track animals in farming, why not in hunting? Well, some people have already started using drones to track their prey, and more and more this is becoming another controversial issue. Several states are taking action to prevent the use of drones to assist in hunting. Alaska already has a regulation in place prohibiting drones used for hunting. It will probably become a law in July. Montana and Colorado have similarly banned the use of hunting drones.


Although not necessarily opposed to the use of drones in general, it is interesting that there aren’t many people in favor of using drones to hunt. Many hunters and hunting groups think this is cheating. Just like playing charades isn’t fun if everyone already knows what word the person is acting out. Animal activists are, of course, also opposed.


With all the action against hunting with drones, it may never gain a true foothold.


There are other uses for drones in hunting besides tracking prey though. Some organizations are trying to use drones to track the hunters rather than the animals to ensure they are hunting ethically and to catch poachers in the act. This is a nice thought since it’s difficult to catch poachers. But there are too many issues with this plan to be feasible. First of all, poachers could easily shoot the drone out of the sky and, secondly, most drones can only fly for about 18-20 minutes so there wouldn’t be a whole lot of flight time to watch these hunters at work.


Aside from using drones to track prey and to track hunters, there is a third use for drones in hunting that may actually be helpful in a way. Just like how drones are starting to be used in real estate to show enchanting views of the house and property from the skies, drones can also be used to show views of hunting grounds to prospective hunters who are looking for new grounds. This wouldn’t be used as much to show the actual game wandering around but rather to show the landscape and terrain the hunters would be traversing. That way, hunters can get a feel for the land before they ever get outside. However, this use may still need approval from the FAA.


One way or another, it doesn’t look like drones will play much of a part in hunting due the popular belief that advanced technology should have nothing to do with the skill involved with hunting.

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Nate Russell
Nate Russell

July 22, 2016

British Columbia, Canada just banned them for hunting too. https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2016FLNR0150-001340

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